How green is your server room?


The reports have been written, and the scientists have the data. The planet is in crisis. 

The solution however lies in our handsEco-friendly, de-carbonising approaches are crucial to your business because without a functioning planet on which to depend, your business will struggle. 

So, stop lying awake at night worrying about the polar bears and get behind a practical solution to climate change: green server rooms.  



  • By 2025, data centres in their current form will account for 3.2% of total worldwide carbon emissions. That number is expected to double every four years.  
  • By 2024 data storage is predicted to account for 14% of the world’s emissions. 
  • Data centres have the fastest-growing carbon footprint within an area of the IT sector and therefore have a responsibility to save emissions. 


As a data-hungry species that can never truly be sated, our demand for processing power and storage space is growing by the day. Living without server rooms and data centres is not an option. We must find a way to store and process our data without killing the environment.

Zella DC micro data centres provide users with the ability to easily manage power usage in a variable IT infrastructure load. So, regardless of the scale or location of your server room, you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint simply by implementing a Zella DC in your office.  


How Zella DC uses less energy than a traditional DC 

Until now, it was normal to cool an entire server room. In fact, it was mandatory for optimal management.
Zella DC has eliminated this needstep into the next generation of eco data management. Our unit design includes targeted reduction in energy costs and consumption by: 

  • Reducing the cooled area from an entire room/floor to the size of a single refrigerator.   
  • Matching your cooling and energy efficiencies with your IT load at all times. 
  • Programming units to shut down during non-productive times (weekends and holidays).  


Other benefits of reducing energy consumption 

A few things immediately come to mind when considering traditional server rooms: massive server rooms filled with hardware, eating as much energy and money as possible.  

Year in, year out.  

Except, of course, when they overheat and shut down, or are shut down for maintenance. Other than these times, the energy/ money consumption is brutally consistent. 

The current climate situation calls for an eco-friendlier approach, which can be found in Zella DC micro data centres. A compact, ‘ready to roll’ micro data centre that can be moved about easily (literally, it’s got wheels). 

The benefits are many and varied; 

  • Reduced energy consumption means you save on infrastructure hardware and ongoing maintenance costs. 
  • Optimised shutdown management means other servers and switches can keep running.  
  • Decentralised data and innovative solutions like automatic reboot result in less downtime and more uptime.  
  • Automated features eliminate the need for extra staff.  
  • Cooling individual units rather than an entire server room saves you from having to keep cooling systems running on weekends.   
  • Fire protection from a top-mounted Pyrorack gives you more control – flooding an entire server room is now a thing of the past.  


Zella DC can result in up to a 70% reduction in energy use.  

In one case, the use of a Zella DC was proven to result in a 70% reduction in energy usage: 








Zella DC gives you ROI in under one year, so you can reinvest the savings into your business. Spend less on capital and operational expenses and more on getting your company to where it needs to go.  

You can now reduce your company’s data storage carbon footprint and help make a difference to the way companies treat the environment while also making your data management cheaper, faster and safer. Zella DC is the new responsible way to process and store data and safeguard your operational uptime. 


Energy savings for your company – it’s your choice

Want to see more benefits of reducing your energy consumption with Zella DC? Talk to us today.


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