Zella Fort

A rugged, fully scalable micro data centre for external use. The perfect solution for disaster recovery and military edge computing.

Tough, military-grade edge computing

The Zella Fort is designed for immediate deployment in the harshest of environments. This advanced micro data centre is an integral unit that addresses all cooling, security and monitoring needs.

Zella Fort offers an all-in-one solution designed for military use, disaster recovery and exterior locations that demand edge computing capability and the most stringent security guarantees.

  • Designed and weighted for easy mobility - can be hand-transported by four personnel along with full military kit
  • Tough design allows it to be attached to a helicopter and deployed into remote areas
  • Camouflaged for military battle use
  • Water and dust-resistant
Zella Fort rugged data centre
Empowered by Zella Sense_Empowered by Zella Sense Advanced Intelligence and Automation
Zella Sense & Logo - blue

Advanced Intelligence and Automation

Our Micro Data Centres advanced intelligence and automation is a key feature unique to the Zella DC. Housing critical infrastructure on-premise or at the edge has significant challenges ranging from power to people. The ability to deal with those challenges in real-time is critical to ensuring the highest uptime, which will be felt on your bottom line.


Intelligent automation, alerting, and reporting


Wide range of environmental sensors


Integration with other platforms and devices

Zella Sense is a key part of our DNA and is integrated into all our micro data centres. 

Why Zella Fort?

The Zella Fort is a ready-to-go, self-contained data storage wholly designed to meet military edge computing needs.

Whether deployed in battle or as a disaster recovery micro data centre, the Zella Fort provides the ultimate portable, secure solution in the most hostile of environments.

Zella Fort
Zella Fort
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A standardised solution

Standardisation plays a crucial role in overcoming the challenges posed by the fragmented nature of edge environments. Thanks to our intelligent, edge-ready solutions, you can unlock the full potential of your edge computing strategy while simplifying deployment, reducing costs, and ensuring efficient monitoring and management across diverse edge deployments.


Zella DC is trusted by:

Auckland Airport Austal BHP WA Government Bechtel Goldfields Hancock Newmont IIJ Barrick BT Universal orlando CSIRO

Zella Fort Frequently Asked Questions

Is it only camouflage or does it come in other colours?

Zella Fort also comes in white. Other colours may be available subject to quantity.

How does Zella Fort differ from Zella Pro?

Zella Fort only comes in one size (12U). Zella Fort is lighter than Zella Pro and it comes with carry handles for easy mobility. Zella Fort is ready to go, all you need to do is connect it to power - the cooling system is already commissioned. Finally, Zella Fort has barrel locks as well as mag locks for added security.

How portable is the Zella Fort?

Zella Fort can be hand-transported by four personnel along with full military kit.

How quickly can it be commissioned?

Zella Fort is ready to go. All you need is connect it to a power source and add your servers and IT infrastructure.

Is the cooling system pre-commissioned?


Can the external condenser be positioned further away from the mdc?

Yes, the external condenser can be placed up to 5m away from the Zella Fort.

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