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Zella DC

A decade ago Zella DC pioneered the micro data centre. Since then, our next-generation server rooms have been proven to work in the harshest environments on earth. Theresult is a vendor-agnostic approach to software, hardware manufactured to global standards, and partners across six continents.

Zella DC was founded by Angie Keeler (CEO) and Clinton Keeler (CTO) in Perth, Western Australia.

Key Facts

Zella DC saves money
. Less floor space, less noise, less cooling, less energy expended, less downtime. Zella DC data centres allowcompanies to see return on investment in months, not years. Perfect for any organisation downsizing their IT footprint.

Zella DC is easy. We’ve made it easy to buy, deploy, install and manage. No need for specialist IT skills, it’s all taken care of.

Zella DC is secure. We’ve got a decade of experience and leadership in highly secure Edge computing, which gives you the confidence to choose Zella DC.


Meet Angie

Angie is the CEO and co-founder of Zella DC.

Angie has over 10 years experience within the IT and micro data centre industry with practical hands-on experience bootstrapping a company and growing a business through sales and international distribution across six continents. As the CEO Angie has built and developed distribution channels and support systems across Australia and into both North and South America, Asia Pacific, Africa and the UK.

As a leader and innovator, Angie is well respected and held in high esteem by her peers and industry colleagues.


Meet Clint

Clint is the CTO and co-founder of Zella DC.

Clinton is an industry expert on micro data centre construction, edge infrastructure deployments and operating mission critical infrastructure at the edge. He is in charge of all research and development projects and his experience spans from remote environments to metro areas and everything in between.

This experience includes in-depth knowledge of the difficulties experienced by all IT managers deploying critical infrastructure into edge locations across the world.

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