Zella DC Insights

From zero to hero: how a simple idea for remote mine sites grew into a global IT solution

It all started 10 years ago in Perth, WA, with an idea to solve IT difficulties on remote mine sites. Recognising that fixed server room infrastructure was costly, inefficient and difficult to scale and had limited monitoring, Angie and Clinton Keeler founded Zella DC.
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Peter Baker joins the Zella DC team

Peter Baker, formerly of DPSA, Comscentre, The Computer Engineers, ComputerCorp, Sign IQ and Memorex has joined Zella DC to head up Business Development.
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Not all Micro Data Centres are created equal - Zella DC lands major global customers with its next-generation modular data centres

As business owners and big corporations well know, storing data and keeping it safe comes at a cost. More often than not, the costs are high.
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