Micro Data Centre as a Service

On-site data centre the easy way  


At Zella DC, we believe in making it easier for customers to run their own micro data centre on-site. Now, we’re making it even easier with MDCaaS!

Micro Data Centre-as-a-Service enables a transition away from up-front capital costs to a monthly fee that includes delivery, installation, support and maintenance. 

The Zella DC solution is vendor agnostic, supporting whatever IT infrastructure you choose to install. We cover the rest - cooling, fire suppression, physical security, cyber security, power, maintenance and support. 


An easier and hassle free solution

With MDCaaS you get all the benefits of our micro data centres plus:

  • Reduced upfront costs: shift your investment from capex to opex for a smooth cash flow
  • Scalability, agility and flexibility: pay for what you need when you need it  
  • Lower your capex as well as your heads
  • Stay current / future proof: no need for costly upgrades
  • Less reliance on specialist staff: we take care of everything

Value Added Benefits:

  • All extras included as standard
  • Includes extended warranty
  • Includes maintenance + 24/7 support
  • Includes installation
  • Monthly report

All you need to add is your servers and IT equipment.

Who is it for? 

MDCaaS can be an ideal solution for companies of all sizes in any sector, but it's particularly beneficial if:

  • you prefer monthly payments
  • you don't want a lifetime investment
  • you don't want the hassle of owning an asset
  • you need a lot of MDCs but don't have the budget
  • you need your data onsite but don't have an IT manager on premise
  • you need to upgrade a lot of sites at once but don't have the budget
  • you would like to take advantage of local processing but do not have the upfront capex

How does it work?

It's a simple process:

MDCaaS process_Site evaluation
Site Evaluation
MDCaaS process_Select your specs
Select your specs
MDCaaS process_Apply
MDCaaS process_Credit check & agreement

Credit check & agreement

MDCaaS process_We ship it to you
We ship it to you
MDCaaS process_Installation
We install it