Zella Max

Containerised solution for outdoor applications

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All-in-one shipping container data centre

The Zella Max is appropriate for both greenfield and brownfield construction sites. The 20ft containerized solution features single and dual-cooling system perfect for storing your Zella Pros.


This versatile shipping container data centre is extremely modular and can be stacked or added together allowing you to recoup valuable space.


Benefits and  Applications

  • Edge ready plug-n-play solution. 

  • Flexible layout to suit your health and safety requirements. 

  • Easily scalable inside and outside - add up to six Zella Pro 38 inside, or add more containers. 

  • Perfect for applications with more than one stakeholder - you can keep your data and infrastructure completely separated, including cooling, power and access. 

  • Each Zella Pro 38 is cooled individually. 

Zella DC | Zella Fort | Military Grade Data Centre | Defence Data Center | Micro Data Center
Is the Zella Max not quite what you were looking for?  Have a look at our Zella Fort military grade data centre. 


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Do you need a server room that can sit outdoor? Have a look at our outdoor, weatherproof solution, Zella Hut.


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