Zella Pro

Micro data centres

A Zella Pro is a compact, portable, secure micro data centre that eliminates the need for a traditional on-premise server room.  It's an all-in-one, easy and quick solution that will be with you in a matter of weeks.

All the micro data centres in our range include the following features as standard: 

  • active cooling
  • physical security
  • cyber security
  • built-in switchboard
  • rack-mounted PDU
  • UPS
  • DCIM software
  • fire protection
  • cable management

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Did you know we offer Micro Data Centre as a Service? 

Integrating your IT infrastructure with Zella DC

Our micro data centres are vendor agnostic so you can add any other IT equipment you may need, as long as it's 19" rack-mounted equipment.

Zella DC launches MDC as a Service

Zella DC is thrilled to introduce Zella MDCaaS™. The new as a Service option enables a transition from up-front capital costs to an all-inclusive monthly fee.

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