Zella Pro

Micro data centres

A Zella Pro is a compact, portable, secure micro data centre that eliminates the need for a traditional on-premise server room.  It's an all-in-one, easy and quick solution that will be with you in a matter of weeks.

All the micro data centres in our range include the following features as standard: 

  • active cooling
  • physical security
  • cyber security
  • built-in switchboard
  • rack-mounted PDU
  • UPS
  • DCIM software
  • fire protection
  • cable management

Which size is best for you?

Find out which Zella Pro is best for your environment.

Zella Pro 12 | Zella DC | Zella Pro | Micro Data Center
Zella Pro 25 | Zella Pro | Zella DC | Micro Data Center
Zella Pro 38 | Zella DC | Zella Pro | Micro Data Center

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Did you know we offer Micro Data Centre as a Service? 

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