Zella Pro

Micro data centres - the next generation server room

A complete, data-centre-in-a-box solution

A Zella Pro is a compact, portable and secure micro data centre that eliminates the need for a traditional on-premise server room. It's an all-in-one, easy, and fast deployment solution, that's typically up and running within a few weeks from ordering.

  • Zella Sense Advanced Intelligence and Automation to protect your uptime
  • Precision cooling (for constant temperature and pressure, and controlled airflow - completely sealed)
  • Physical security (protection from unwanted entry with tamper-proof technology for peace of mind)
  • Advanced cyber security (cutting-edge cyber security protocols to protect data from cyber threats)
  • Rack-mounted switchboard (for quick and easy power connection)
  • MDCIM software (to monitor, measure, and manage all components)
  • 0RU PDU (advanced power monitoring and management) 
  • Rack-mounted UPS (safeguarding uptime) *
  • Rack-mounted fire protection (fast and efficient fire detection and suppression that works even without power) *
  • Cable management (to facilitate installation and maintenance)
  • Can be placed anywhere (small footprint, sleek design, noise control)

* optional features

Zella Pro 38 dual cooling
Empowered by Zella Sense_Empowered by Zella Sense Advanced Intelligence and Automation
Zella Sense & Logo - blue

Advanced Intelligence and Automation

Our Micro Data Centres advanced intelligence and automation is a key feature unique to the Zella DC. Housing critical infrastructure on-premise or at the edge has significant challenges ranging from power to people. The ability to deal with those challenges in real-time is critical to ensuring the highest uptime, which will be felt on your bottom line.


Intelligent automation, alerting, and reporting


Wide range of environmental sensors


Integration with other platforms and devices

Zella Sense is a key part of our DNA and is integrated into all our micro data centres. 

A complete, portable data centre solution

Learn how the Zella Pro data centre in a box is a complete data storage solution. Comes with all cabling, electricals, fire and environment protection, precision cooling, racking, security and is managed by DCIM software. Any kind of server can be plugged into this tech-agnostic solution.

Which size is best for you?

Find out which Zella Pro is best for your environment. Start with one and add more when required.

Zella Pro 12 Single Cooling
Zella Pro 12 logo blue
  • Small, compact unit only 1 meter tall - store next to a desk, in a reception area, meeting rooms and more.
  • Great for small offices, retail, healthcare etc.
  • Perfect for environments with low ceilings and hard to reach spaces.  
Zella Pro 25 Single Cooling
Zella Pro 35 logo blue
  • Ideal for SMEs, enterprise organisations and satellite offices.
  • Fits through standard sized doors.
  • Suitable for larger organisations that require additional data storage space.
  • Perfect for hybrid set-ups.
Zella Pro 38 Single Cooling
Zella Pro 38 logo blue
  • Ideal for larger organisations that require additional data storage space.
  • Replaces large traditional on-premise server rooms.
  • Extra processing power for larger IT infrastructures.

A standardised solution

Standardisation plays a crucial role in overcoming the challenges posed by the fragmented nature of edge environments. Thanks to our intelligent, edge-ready solutions, you can unlock the full potential of your edge computing strategy while simplifying deployment, reducing costs, and ensuring efficient monitoring and management across diverse edge deployments.

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Traditional server storage vs Zella Pro 

Planning and building a server room is a long, complex and expensive project. In contrast, purchasing and installing a Zella Pro micro data centre is fast and easy. Start the process with our expert free consultation to define your bespoke solution.

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Zella Pro Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install a Zella Pro? Who can install it and commission it?

All our Zella Pro models are easy to install (and relocate) - it will take 1-2 hours and all you need is a trusted electrician and your local qualified air conditioning technician. 

Then you are ready to mount all critical IT infrastructure and get started. No specialist Zella DC personnel is required.

Can Zella Pro go into busy office environments?

Yes. The Zella Pro has been designed with busy office environments in mind.

All our Zella Pro models have a sleek design, are very quiet and do not generate heat so you could even place them by your desk, in a meeting room or in a reception area. 


Can Zella Pro models go into harsh environments with dust and contaminants?

Yes. Our units are completely sealed and are IP65 rated. They are water proof, dust proof, and UV resistant.

If you need to place your micro data centre outdoors, have a look at our Zella Hut range or Zella Max containerised solution.

Do I still need a dedicated server room?

No. The Zella Pro eliminates the need for dedicated server rooms. The Zella Pro, can be placed anywhere on your premises such as hallways, meeting rooms, cafeterias, board rooms, and reception areas.

You will be able to downsize your footprint and reclaim the space previously occupied by your server room. 

Do I need to relocate my roof water sprinklers?

No. All the Zella Pro micro data centres have  ingress protection from water. This gives you the freedom to place your Zella Pro literally anywhere in your office. 

What type of IT equipment can be housed within the micro data centre?

Any rack-mounted 19-inch equipment. Servers, switches & networking equipment of any brand.

Does the Zella Pro require an external condenser?

Yes, Zella Pro's precision cooling system includes an external condenser.

The condenser, powered by the Zella Pro, is typically pre-gassed and includes copper piping up to 20m long.

Where is the Zella Pro's cooling system located?

The cooling system is located at the base of the Zella Pro to enable easy access. Therefore, your air conditioning contractor does not have to interfere with critical IT infrastructures. 

What are the specifications of the PDU?

Each Zella Pro comes with a PDU, located at the right hand side to the back door of the Zella Pro

For further information download the Zella Pro Technical Specifications

Where is the fire protection system in the Zella Pro located?

Every Zella Pro comes with a pre-installed Pyrorack fire protection system. It's located in the top rack of the Zella Pro. Learn more here

What are the specifications of my switchboard?

All Zella DC microdata center have a based mounted switchboard that is single or dual powered. The switchboard provides you instant capabilities to isolate various parts of the unit such as the cooling system or UPS. 

For further information download the Zella Pro Technical Specifications.

How do I monitor and manage my microdata center?

All our Zella Pros can be monitored via PDView or PowerIQ.

Find out more here

Are the Zella DCs modular and scalable?

Yes. The Zella Pro has been designed to modulate on-site with a provided modulation kit. As your infrastructure requirement grows, additional Zella Pros can be added.

If you have a Zella Max, you can either add more Zella Pro 38 within the container or add more containers. 

For better understanding watch our explainer video here

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