Zella Hut

A modular data centre for outdoor applications

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Place your IT infrastructure right where you need it

An alternative to containerised data centres, the Zella Hut is a stand alone outdoor micro data centre, built on the time proven Zella Pro series.  Available in three sizes, the Zella Hut outdoor micro data centre has all the same features as the Zella Pro, with the added benefit that it can be placed outdoors.


Ready to be deployed at the Edge - wherever that may be.


Zella Hut outdoor data centre features & benefits

The Zella Hut provides incredible versatility and outstanding Edge computing capabilities. Three convenient sizes provide a bespoke external data storage solution. Check out the key benefits and features.



The Zella Hut is fully insulated and highly energy efficient. This equals reduced power costs as well as reduced carbon emissions - a great outcome in today’s volatile energy climate.


In addition to advanced energy efficiency, the Zella Hut can easily be connected to alternative power sources, such as solar or wind – yet another important step to meeting environmental responsibilities.


Pre-configured, pre-programmed and fully automated, which equals second-to-none reliability and uptime. Perfect for hard to reach locations and for sites with unstable power supply.

Plug n Play

No need for a Zella DC specialist to be on site for your installation. Connect to your chosen power source and you're ready to add your IT equipment.


Built to withstand the harshest of both hot and cold weather conditions. IP65 rated to protect your IT infrastructure from dust and water. UV resistant.


Zella Hut is perfect for a highly distributed set up, and it's proved to be a popular choice for smart mines, 5G / telecom network, smart farms, etc.

Why Zella Hut?

The Zella Hut is a stand-alone data centre solution that doesn’t take up any expensive floor space. It can be sited wherever you like – outside an office building or in a remote location, such as a mining facility, a farm or even on top of a building. Zella Hut is the perfect solution for your edge deployments. 

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A complete solution

Beating at the core of the Zella Hut is the Zella Pro micro data centre. The benefits of this proven technology include:

  • Active cooling (air remains within the integral unit)
  • Robust physical security (highly advanced mechanisms for tamper-proof reliability)
  • Advanced cyber security (utilising cutting-edge protocols)
  • Integral switchboard (simple to connect to AC/DC power)
  • Rack-mounted PDU (advanced power monitoring and management)
  • A UPS (safeguarding uptime)
  • DCIM software (remote capability for management and auditing of all internal components)
  • Integral Pyrorack fire protection (for advanced fire control and piece of mind)
  • Cable management (making for easy installation and upkeep)
  • Any-place location (removes the need for a server room or the use of precious real estate space)
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Real life success stories


IIJ Case Study

Outdoor data centre for telecom and 5G technology. Zella Hut has been chosen by Internet Initiative Japan as part of the DX edge 5G MEC solution.


Kenmore Case Study

The Kenmore Group wanted to standardise their data centres with a view to reduce energy costs. Find out how we helped reduce costs. 


CDC Case Study

 The CDC in PNG was facing issues with connectivity, security, and power outages. Find out how we improved their uptime and reduced latency.

Zella Hut Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I place Zella Hut?

Zella Hut can be placed just about anywhere. All it needs is a power source (grid power, generator or alternative). 

Does the Hut replace a server room?

Yes, the Zella Hut, like the Zella Pro, is a 'server room in a box' and it eliminates the need for a server room

What payment options are available?

You can purchase your Zella Hut upfront or you can go for our our MDC as a Service option.

What's the difference between a containerised data centre and the Zella Hut?

Both solutions can be placed outdoors. However, with the Zella Hut, you'll be able to implement a highly distributed set up, placing your IT infrastructure right where you need it. 

What's the difference between Zella Hut and Zella Pro?

The Zella Hut has the same features as the Zella Pro, with the added benefit that it can placed outdoors. With IP65 rating, this rugged unit is waterproof, dust proof and UV resistant.

How do I power the Zella Hut?

The Zella Hut can be connected to main grid power or  a generator. It can also be powered by alternative power sources, such as wind or solar panels, and is also available as a DC powered option.

How secure is the Zella Hut?

The Zella Hut has been designed to keep your data and infrastructure protected from both physical and cyber threats. This makes it ideal for all locations, whether manned or remote.

Physical protection includes: Keypad/card and PDView access control, vandal proof and waterproof, IP based biometric access with proximity card, ethernet interface for TCP/IP communication, maglocks on front and rear door.

Cyber protection includes: encryptions, password policies, firewalls, certificates and defence in depth.

How long does a Zella Hut last?

The average life of a Zella Hut is just over ten years.

Learn more about outdoor data centres

What are outdoor micro data centres?

Outdoor micro data centres (self-contained or containerised) are perfect for edge deployment in locations with limited infrastructure.

Zella DC deploys its first micro data centre in Japan

The Zella Hut outdoor micro data centre has been chosen by Internet Initiative Japan Inc. as part of a new edge computing platform for their telecom / 5G customers.

Zella DC micro data centre now approved for DX Edge solution for the Japanese market

The Zella Hut outdoor micro data centre has been chosen by Internet Initiative Japan Inc. as part of a new edge computing platform for their telecom / 5G customers.

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