Zella Hut

A modular data centre for outdoor applications

Make your outdoor IT applications safe, secure and reliable

An alternative to containerised data centres, the Zella Hut is a stand alone outdoor micro data centre, built on the time proven Zella Pro micro data centre.


Ready to be deployed at the Edge - wherever that may be.

  • Pre-configured for rapid deployment
  • Just connect power
  • Available in three sizes: 12RU, 25RU, 38RU
  • Built for any outdoor conditions
  • Secure, sealed, dust free environment
Zella Hut 38 Single
Empowered by Zella Sense_Empowered by Zella Sense Advanced Intelligence and Automation
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Advanced Intelligence and Automation

Our Micro Data Centres advanced intelligence and automation is a key feature unique to the Zella DC. Housing critical infrastructure on-premise or at the edge has significant challenges ranging from power to people. The ability to deal with those challenges in real-time is critical to ensuring the highest uptime, which will be felt on your bottom line.


Intelligent automation, alerting, and reporting


Wide range of environmental sensors


Integration with other platforms and devices

Zella Sense is a key part of our DNA and is integrated into all our micro data centres. 

Why Zella Hut?

The Zella Hut is a stand-alone data centre solution that doesn’t take up any expensive floor space. It can be sited wherever you like – outside an office building or in a remote location, such as a mining facility, a farm or even on top of a building. Zella Hut is the perfect solution for your edge deployments. 

Zella Hut on a rooftop
Zella Hut in a smart farm
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A standardised solution

Standardisation plays a crucial role in overcoming the challenges posed by the fragmented nature of edge environments. Thanks to our intelligent, edge-ready solutions, you can unlock the full potential of your edge computing strategy while simplifying deployment, reducing costs, and ensuring efficient monitoring and management across diverse edge deployments.


Zella DC is trusted by:

Auckland Airport Austal BHP WA Government Bechtel Goldfields Hancock Newmont IIJ Barrick BT Universal orlando CSIRO

Zella Hut Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I place Zella Hut?

Zella Hut can be placed just about anywhere. All it needs is a power source (grid power, generator or alternative). 

Does the Hut replace a server room?

Yes, the Zella Hut, like the Zella Pro, is a 'server room in a box' and it eliminates the need for a server room

What payment options are available?

You can purchase your Zella Hut upfront or you can go for our our MDC as a Service option.

What's the difference between a containerised data centre and the Zella Hut?

Both solutions can be placed outdoors. However, with the Zella Hut, you'll be able to implement a highly distributed set up, placing your IT infrastructure right where you need it. 

What's the difference between Zella Hut and Zella Pro?

The Zella Hut has the same features as the Zella Pro, with the added benefit that it can placed outdoors. With IP65 rating, this rugged unit is waterproof, dust proof and UV resistant.

How do I power the Zella Hut?

The Zella Hut can be connected to main grid power or  a generator. It can also be powered by alternative power sources, such as wind or solar panels, and is also available as a DC powered option.

How secure is the Zella Hut?

The Zella Hut has been designed to keep your data and infrastructure protected from both physical and cyber threats. This makes it ideal for all locations, whether manned or remote.

Physical protection includes: Keypad/card and PDView access control, vandal proof and waterproof, IP based biometric access with proximity card, ethernet interface for TCP/IP communication, maglocks on front and rear door.

Cyber protection includes: encryptions, password policies, firewalls, certificates and defence in depth.

How long does a Zella Hut last?

The average life of a Zella Hut is just over ten years.

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