Zella Hut

A modular data centre for outdoor applications

Weatherproof Data Centre

Available as a Pro 12, Pro 25 and Pro 38, the Zella Hut outdoor micro data centre has all the same benefits as the Zella Pro, with the added benefit that it can be placed outdoors. Ready to be deployed at the Edge - wherever that may be.


Perfect for telecom infrastructure, smart mines, remote locations, smart farms, and any outdoor environment. 


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Benefits and  Applications

  • Pre-programmed and fully automated - perfect for locations with unreliable power supply.

  • UV resistant, water proof and dust proof - can be placed outdoors, from car parks to the top of a building!

  • Environmentally friendly - easily connected to either wind or solar power sources.

  • Highly distributed set up, perfect for telecom towers, smart mines, smart farms, etc.

Zella DC | Zella Fort | Military Grade Data Centre | Defence Micro Data Center | Micro Data Center
Is the Zella Hut not quite what you were looking for?  Have a look at our Zella Fort military grade data centre. 


Zella DC | Zella Max | Container Data Centre | Shipping Container | Micro Data Center
Do you need a containerised solution for your outdoor infrastructure?
Have a look at our Zella Max.


Clients from across five continents

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