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Edge computing deployments

Our product range has been designed with the edge in mind. Learn why our indoor and outdoor micro data centres are perfect for a standardised, highly distributed edge strategy.

 How micro data centres solve edge challenges

 The importance of standardisation for an effective edge computing strategy

 Edge-proof your business with a micro data centre

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Server room replacement

A Zella Pro is a compact, portable, and secure micro data centre that eliminates the need for a traditional on-premise server room. Learn why Zella Pro is fast becoming an alternative to traditional server rooms.

 Zella Pro micro data centre

 Zella Pro vs Server Room

 Whisper-quiet IT equipment storage for any environment


Outdoor solutions

Outdoor micro data centres are a game changer. These self-contained, weatherproof units can be placed just about anywhere and process data right where it’s needed, reducing latency and offering increased portability. 

 What are outdoor micro data centres?

 Telecom Case Study – Internet Initiative Japan

 Zella Max – disrupting the containerised data centre market


Reducing costs

Our products are energy efficient, require minimal maintenance, and are empowered by intelligent automations, designed to protect your uptime and reduce your power bills.

 Beyond energy efficiency – power resilience at the edge

 Find out how Kenmore Group saved up to 70% on power bills

⇒ Precision cooling – the best way to keep your servers cool


Reducing carbon emissions

All our products are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They use advanced cooling and power management technologies to minimise energy consumption and reduce the carbon footprint of data processing.

 The sustainable advantages of micro data centres

 Scalable and sustainable: how containerised data centres are transforming modern business operations

⇒ Edge Computing and sustainability: how micro data centres are leading the way to a greener future



Our products offer a comprehensive range of security measures that go beyond physical attributes. We combine physical security, cyber protocols, and advanced monitoring and automation to ensure that your edge infrastructure is protected.

⇒ Fortifying the edge: advanced edge security

 Zella DC physical security features

⇒ Zella DC cyber security features


Edge control

Zella DC micro data centres are at the forefront of equipment management at the edge, thanks to the innovative Zella Sense Advanced Intelligence and Automation. Zella Sense is a key part of our DNA and is integrated into all our micro data centres. 

 Zella Sense Advanced Intelligence and Automation

 Advanced Intelligence and Automations at the Edge

⇒ Taking control at the edge: managing equipment remotely

Solutions_Zella Pro

What is a micro data centre?

A Zella Pro is a compact, portable and secure micro data centre that eliminates the need for a traditional on-premise server room. It’s an all-in-one, easy and quick solution that will be with you in a matter of weeks and can be installed in a few hours.

⇒ Zella Pro micro data centre

 Micro data centres and hybrid cloud architecture

⇒ Which industries are driving the need for micro data centres?

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Advanced Intelligence and Automation

Our Micro Data Centres advanced intelligence and automation is a key feature unique to the Zella DC. Housing critical infrastructure on-premise or at the edge has significant challenges ranging from power to people. The ability to deal with those challenges in real-time is critical to ensuring the highest uptime, which will be felt on your bottom line.


Intelligent automation, alerting, and reporting


Wide range of environmental sensors


Integration with other platforms and devices

Zella Sense is a key part of our DNA and is integrated into all our micro data centres. 

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