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"Zella DC support is fantastic. You don’t just get a box but a whole solution that’s pretty much turnkey from delivery. You get power and air cons hooked up and all the support you need. They fully understood what we had put in before and were able to work with it. At the end of the year, the meter showed that we saved 35% of our yearly operating cost of electricity through the reduced air conditioning load alone. We also reclaimed the room and could fit in two desks next to the units because they were so quiet."



Robert Readman
I.T. Manager

"What impressed me was that they listened to our feedback. They made sure we definitely got all we needed from them. The overall build quality and the way the solution integrated with our systems was exceptional. It helped us to pinpoint what we actually deemed to be critical, rather than protecting the full server room. As a result, we saved on cooling and reduced overall costs considerably. It also increases the lifetime of all the equipment because it’s not dusty like it would be in an open rack."



Marcel Da Anunciacao
Senior Specialist: Systems

"Apart from the huge reduction in ambient noise and temperature, the key improvement Zella DC provided was around the security components and monitoring. We were able to monitor humidity and temperature inside the cabinet, and know at all times what was going on. It’s like having a server room in a box. It gives you the ability to move your server room in the event that you change premises. Having your fire protection, your battery protection, your cooling, your environmental monitoring, all in the same one box. That’s the big value that we found with the unit."



James Bartrop

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