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As our world becomes more and more dependent on technology, so we produce more data that needs to be processed and stored. Traditionally, businesses that need to process and store data on-site have to rely on a specially constructed server room. In many situations, however, this is becoming an expensive, unsustainable, and complex solution.

Server rooms take up a lot of room and generate significant heat. A competitive business must ensure the appropriate use of space, so to extend the size of a server room is usually not practical. Add in the need to burn significant excess energy to keep the room cool, and the effect on the company’s carbon footprint, and it soon becomes clear that an alternative option is needed.

One easy to implement solution is a micro data centre (MDC). But what’s the difference between this and a server room? The following reveals all you need to know… 

Size: Server room vs. Micro Data Centre

As already mentioned, a server room is just that – a room.

An MDC, on the other hand, is typically the size of a refrigerator. They can be placed in any location, so that expensive server room can be turned to an alternative function to make better (and more profitable) use of the space.

Speed of Deployment: Server room vs. Micro Data Centre

The creation of a server room is a lengthy process. Plan the room, set it up for the necessary hardware, put 24/7 cooling in place, wire in the cables, set up robust security… The list is long and complex, taking weeks (if not months) to set up.

An MDC, on the other hand, offers a virtually plug n play situation. Fast deployment is just one of the many assets.

Cost: Server room vs. Micro Data Centre

In addition to the initial higher setup costs, the ongoing running costs of a server room vs. an MDC are much more. Servers require constant cooling – and this means A/C running in the room all the time.

Cooling an MDC, on the other hand, doesn’t require a complete room to be serviced. Therefore, the cost of cooling is far more affordable.

Scalability: Server room vs. Micro Data Centre

Upscaling a server room requires considerable commitment, not to mention money. Even the largest of concerns will require deep pockets to extend a server room. Either that, or it’ll be necessary to plan from the outset a room large enough to be suitable for future needs – something not many companies have the budget or space to satisfy.

Micro Data Centres are modular, meaning you can add to them when necessary. Quite simply, they grow alongside your business needs.

Portability: Server room vs. Micro Data Centre

If you need to move premises, a server room can’t simply be picked up and transported to a new location. Deployment will begin all over again, with all the associated time and cost. Plus there will also be a significant period of downtime as the servers are transported from one location to the next.

With an MDC it’s a case of unplugging and moving it. Far easier than the relocation of a server room, with minimal downtime and cost. 

Remote Management: Server room vs. Micro Data Centre

Server rooms will need to be physically maintained on-site. This is potentially problematic, especially for organisations in remote locations.

In certain situations, MDCs can be managed remotely. This is not only far more user-friendly but, once again, is much more cost-effective.

Sustainability: Server room vs. Micro Data Centre

The energy needed to keep a server room cool is of particular concern to a company’s environmental responsibilities. Gas guzzling A/C won’t do an organisations NABERS rating much good, making consideration to switch to MDCs one to be taken seriously.

Quite simply, a Micro Data Centre is a simple, cost-effective method by which you can help your organisation become more planet-friendly.

Thanks to Zella DC you no longer need a server room. With a Zella Pro you will get:

  • Fast and easy 2-3 hours installation
  • 4-5 weeks deployment, from order to delivery
  • Scalability, easy to add as you grow
  • Flexibility, can be placed anywhere
  • Quiet and esthetically pleasing, so can live next to your desk!
  • Energy-efficient with savings of up to 70%

Get in touch if you have any questions or have a look at our products range.

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