Clinton Keeler

CTO and Co-founder

Clinton Keeler | Zella DC
Clinton Keeler | LinkedIn

Clinton Keeler is the CTO and co-founder of Zella DC.

Clinton is an industry expert on micro data centre construction, edge infrastructure deployments and operating mission critical infrastructure at the edge. He is in charge of all research and development projects and his experience spans from remote environments to metro areas and everything in between.

This experience includes in-depth knowledge of the difficulties experienced by all IT managers deploying critical infrastructure into edge locations across the world.

Easy Edge solution for challenging locations

Managing an IT infrastructure in a city or well-connected location is relatively simple. But what about places that fall outside of this remit?

Don't let your data go up in flames

Fire is a risk that can't be ignored as losing data (or access to it) is a serious issue that will cause downtime and financial losses. 

Is your data safe on the cloud?

Lost data, or data shared with the wrong audience, will impact a company's reputation as well as their uptime. And of course it will also result in financial losses. So let's look at the many reasons why many companies are looking for alternatives to the cloud.