What Is An Edge Micro Data Centre?

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As we hurtle into a technologically advanced future, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to adopt effective measures to store the huge amounts of data all this tech generates. Hence the need for alternative storage solutions over traditional servers, be they remote or on-site in a server room.

Edge Computing is the here and now – a necessary storage option where data is kept at the centre (or on the ‘edge') of the location it’s produced. This offers multiple advantages, one of the greatest being the speed of transmission – instant, and with no latency.

Edge Micro Data Centre is the next generation of storage. Forget those large, cumbersome servers that require constant cooling and take up valuable space. Today’s tech-savvy companies are switching to Edge Micro Data Centres – a solution that really does give them the much-needed ‘edge’ over their competitors.

This highly advanced way to store data offers tremendous advantages.

  1. They’re small and compact: As the name suggests, Micro Data Centres are far smaller than their predecessors. About the size of a fridge, they remove the need for server rooms. Their size means they can literally be stored anywhere – and as they’re quiet running they can even be located in a meeting room or office foyer.

  2. Energy efficient: Forget the need to cool a complete room – with an Edge Micro Data Centre you only need to keep the unit at the appropriate temperature. The significance of this should not be underestimated. Energy savings of up to 70% have been recorded when switching from traditional storage to an MDC.

  3. Fast to deploy: Unlike traditional server rooms that require complex planning and building, an MDC can be deployed in less than 2 hours. In fact, from order to in use you can be up and running in a matter of 4-5 weeks.

  4. Scalable: Need more storage? With an Edge Micro Data Centre you simply add a unit when needed. It literally does grow with your business needs.

  5. Operate remotely: They can be operated from a remote location. Perfect for inhospitable locations in industries such as mining or field hospitals.

  6. Highly secure: Both physical and cyber security is robust and safe.

  7. Super-fast: Being located at the point of data production means zero latency.

  8. Environmentally friendly: Thanks to dramatically reduced energy costs, the use of Edge Micro Data Centres can help a company adhere to legal and moral sustainability responsibilities.

  9. Autonomous: The units are self-learning and can operate autonomously. They also have their own cooling system and fire protection.

  10. Easy to relocate: Unlike traditional servers, Edge Micro Data Centres are as transportable as your needs.

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