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COVID-19 has impacted lives and businesses all over the world. We've all had to adjust, pivot, and in some cases re-invent the way we work. Businesses are transitioning to be more self-sufficient, to rely on local staff and resources, to limit travel, and to minimise contact with external personnel. With a large number of people still working from home, many companies have been struggling with IT issues, especially when it comes to servers and data centres. 

Looking after your data

Lockdowns and travel restrictions have created many IT challenges.

  • If you're in the process of building or planning a server room you will experience severe delays due to specialist personnel being unable to travel freely and with delays in shipping and deliveries of IT components.
  • If your server room or data center has a malfunction or if you're the victim of a cyber attack, you will probably face longer than usual downtime if your IT personnel is working from home. Not only it will take longer to fix the issue, but in many cases it will be impossible to identify the problem until the technician is able to travel to the server's location.
  • If your servers are due for a check up, your IT specialists may be unable to perform maintenance if they are working from home or in a lockdown. Many non-urgent tasks have been delayed as they are deemed to be non-critical however regular check ups are the best way to prevent issues. 
  • Monitoring your servers will be even harder if they are in different locations, especially if they are in countries that are badly affected by the pandemic with prolonged travel restrictions and quarantine protocols.

A DIY solution

Our micro data centres are so easy to order, install, monitor and look after that you will be independent and able to avoid many of the issues caused by the pandemic. Our DIY solution is so easy and user-friendly you will be able to look after your data and protect your uptime even in these challenging times.

DIY Installation
Installation is fast and easy you won't need any specialist IT personnel. All you have to do is call your trusted electrician and a qualified air conditioning technician. All manuals, terms of use and guides you need are available online via the QR  Code you will find on your Zella DC (a hard copy is also included within the unit).  

Programmed and ready to go
All our micro data centres are programmed and ready to go - just add your servers start using right away.

Alerts and Automations
Most micro data centres will have some sort of alarm system that will alert you if anything goes wrong. For example you may get alerted if there is a power cut or if the temperature rises too much or too fast, or if a door has been opened unexpectedly. Our smart micro data centres go a step further. We set up a series of automated actions in our micro data centres before they leave our warehouse. These automations, that you will be able to further customise to suit your specific needs, are designed to protect your assets and to give you peace of mind ... in a nutshell, they will make your life easier!

DIY Remote Monitoring

Once your Zella DC is up and running, monitoring your servers can be easily done with the PDView app or remotely through the PowerIQ app; therefore, there is not need to have any external staff or contractors in the office. If you have several units you will be able to monitor all of them through a single pane of glass, even if they are located in different offices or countries.

DIY Maintenance
Quick maintenance can be performed by any member of your staff following our easy step-by-step instructions. No need to call any external technicians. If you have any questions we have a 24/7 phone number you can call. 

24/7 Support
If you have any questions for us, you get easy access to our team via Zoom meetings that can be booked here. Alternatively, feel free to email us at info@zelladc.com or call us on +61 8 6311 2814. Support is available 24/7.

Online Resources
If you have any questions about our products, their features and benefits we have plenty of resources on our website, in particular in the Resources page, where you will find FAQs, explainer videos and downloads. You will also find useful videos on our YouTube channel

Get in touch to find out how we can help you protect your uptime and keep your business up and running during these uncertain and difficult times. 

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