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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install a Zella Pro? Who can install it and commission it?

All our Zella Pro models are easy to install - it will take 1-2 hours and all you need is a trusted electrician and your local qualified air conditioning technician. 

Then you can mount all critical IT infrastructure and get started. No specialist Zella DC personnel is required.

For more information watch the explainer video here.  

Can Zella Pro go into busy office environments?

Yes. The Zella Pro has been designed with busy office environments in mind where people can work in very close proximity to the IT infrastructure. 

All our Zella Pro models are very quiet and do not generate heat so you could even place them by your desk, in a meeting room or in a reception area. 


Can Zella Pro models go into harsh environments with dust and contaminants?

Yes. The same features that make the Zella Pro very quiet in office environments also protect your IT infrastructure in dusty / dirty environments, as our units are also proof and heat resistant. We also have Zella Hut and Zella Fort, two option if you need to place your micro data centre outdoors. 

Do I still need a dedicated server room?

No. The Zella Pro eliminates the need for dedicated server rooms. The Zella Pro, can be placed anywhere on your premises such as hallways, meeting rooms, cafeterias, board rooms, and reception areas.

You will be able to downsize your footprint and reclaim the space previously occupied by your server room. 

Do I need to relocate my roof water sprinklers?

No. All the Zella Pro micro data centres have  ingress protection from water. This gives you the freedom to place your Zella Pro literally anywhere in your office. 

What type of IT equipment can be housed within the micro data centre?

Any rack-mounted 19-inch equipment. Servers, switches & networking equipment.

Does the Zella Pro require an external condenser?

In most cases, an external condenser is required, which can be installed anywhere within 30m of the Zella Pro.

Buildings which have access to chilled water eliminate the need for an external condenser.

Where is the Zella Pro's cooling system located?

The cooling system is located at the base of the Zella Pro to enable easy access. Therefore, your air conditioning contractor does not have to interfere with critical IT infrastructures. 

For further information watch our explainer video here

What is the PDU that comes with the Zella Pro?

An intelligent powder distributed unit is a preconfigured PDU, therefore, it can understand what is happening within the Zella Pro and can notify you of various notice alarms and notifications via the small LED screen.

The PDU is located at the right hand side to the back door of the Zella Pro

For further information watch the explainer video here

Where is the fire protection system in the Zella Pro located?

With  Zella Pro you have the option to add a pre-installed Pyrorack fire protection system that is located in the top rack of the Zella Pro. Learn more here

What are the specifications of my switchboard?

All Zella DC micro data center have a based mounted switchboard that is single or dual powered. The switchboard provides you instant capabilities to isolate various parts of the unit such as the cooling system or UPS. 

For further information watch our explainer video here

Can I monitor my micro data centre using a smartphone?

All our Zella Pros can be monitored using any smartphone device. Simply plug in your device and start monitoring using the PDView app. The app allows for real-time reporting, power management, health reports and more.

For more informations watch our tutorial video here

Is Zella Pro modular and scalable?

Yes. The Zella Pro has been designed to modulate on-site with a provided modulation kit. As your infrastructure requirement grows, additional Zella Pros can be added.

If you have a Zella Max, you can either add more Zella Pro 38 within the container or add more containers. 

For better understanding watch our explainer video here

Are the Zella Pro easy to move and install?

At Zella DC, we've made all of our micro data centres easy to buy, deploy, install and manage. All you have to do is simply decommission, unplug the power and wheel it across to your new location. The decommissioning and re-installing of your Zella Pro only takes a couple of hours saving you time and money. 

For more information, watch the explainer video here

How do I manage my Zella Pro?

When you receive your Zella Pro you will program it so that it manages itself, however, you can monitor, manage, and automate it at any time with Zella Sense, our Advanced Intelligence and Automation system.

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