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Whether you use an on-premise server room, an off-site data centre, or the cloud, your data is always at risk. When it comes to data security most people think of cyber attacks, but your data is also at risk from physical threats like fire.

If you have a server room you need to set up a range of measures to ensure a fire is detected, and extinguished, safely and swiftly. If your data is in an external data centre you rely on a third party to make sure adequate measures are in place. Either way, fire is a risk that can't be ignored as losing data (or access to it) is a serious issue that will cause downtime and financial losses. 

How can you protect your data

Protecting your data from fire is not straightforward. As we've seen in March 2021 when a data centre went up in flames in France, detecting and extinguishing a fire requires complex, multi-step systems and processes. The companies affected by this fire did not get any compensation for the ramifications of the loss of their data so if you use an external data centre you should find out what systems they have in place.

If you store your data on-premise you have more control but you still have to ensure your system is reliable and maintained regularly. Ensuring a server room is protected by fire will require not just systems and processes but also specialist personnel, as well as regular maintenance.

An easy solution

We have created a much easier way to store and protect your data on-premise, regardless of where you are located and what infrastructure you have available. With our micro data centres you have the option to add a rack-mounted Pyrorack fire protection system.

If you choose to add the fire protection system, we will install it for you in your Zella Pro or Zella Hut and it will be ready to use. The Pyrorack will be located at the top of the unit where it continuously checks the air quality. Hot air and smoke tend to rise so by placing the system at the top you will be sure any issue will be detected quickly. 


The Pyrorack has a two sensor system: when the sensors detect smoke the alarm will sound for 30 seconds and the Pyrogen gas will be damped within a millisecond of detection. The gas kills the oxygen, and therefore the fire, in a matter of seconds as the Zella Pro is fully sealed. 

If a fire is detected, a priority one alarm will immediately be sent to the environmental monitoring, so you will be promptly alerted of the issue no matter where you are located. 

If the fire comes back, the gas works for up to an hour - this is particularly handy if your Zella Pro is located in a remote location and you can't get there quickly to investigate the situation. The gas also has a cooling effect to reduce the temperature inside the unit and prevent re-ignition. 

Once you get there and resolve the situation all you have to do is replace the pyrogen canister. This can be quickly replaced by anybody, with no need to call a specialist, and it will only cost around AU$1,300. 

The Pyrorack will work even in case of a power cut as it has its own power source. In the unlikely event, the power cut is prolonged and the Pyrorack's battery runs out, there are two built-in failed safety redundancy features. 

When the heat sensing cord under the Pyrorack burns or reaches 175°C it automatically release the gas. If the cord is missing, the pyrogen canister will self-operate when it reaches 500°C.

The Pyrorack has one more security feature. If you need to temporarily deactivate it for maintenance reasons, a sound will play every 20 seconds to remind you to switch it back on. Deactivation will also trigger an alert on the environmental monitoring. 

It's also worth noting that Pyrogen is not only safe to use around IT equipment (so it won't cause any damage to your data) but it's also safe for humans and for the environment

And of course, as Zella Pros are fully sealed, you can place them under a water sprinkler so they will be protected by the external fire too. 

Can you predict or prevent a fire?

Thanks to the Pyrorack,  you can be reassured your data is safe in case of a fire. But of course, the best course of action would be to prevent the fire. Not all fires can be prevented or predicted however, thanks Zella Sense Advanced Intelligence and Automation you will be able to monitor any suspicious activity and take action before a fire starts. 

Through Zella Sense, you can create automations to detect any suspicious or dangerous activity (and to alert you) thanks to sensors and the camera. The camera can be programmed to take a shot during an event (i.e. door opening, a vibration, a power cut, etc.). The sensors will monitor any changes in power, temperature etc.

Having such a self reliant system, that communicates with you regardless of your location, it's particularly important when the micro data centre is located in a remote or hard to reach area with limited infrastructure and personnel. 

Protecting your data doesn't have to be complicated. We've done all the hard work for you so you don't have to stress. We also have many other security measures in place to protect your data from cyber and physical attacks. 

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