Life on the Edge - the micro data centre and DCIM relationship


Traditional data centre infrastructures are struggling to keep up with the massive volume of data generated by technology trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and 5G. The need for real-time data storage and data processing at the edge has forced companies to look at innovative solutions like micro data centres, also referred to as edge micro data centres

Edge data centres are smaller than traditional data centres and server rooms and they are typically part of a complex, dispersed deployment that needs to be managed remotely from one location. Centralised monitoring and management is the key to successful edge computing - it allows companies to save time and money and ultimately to increase their uptime. 

DCIM Software 

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software has come a long way since its inception. Modern DCIM software (like the one offered by Sunbird), gives data centre managers an outstanding ability to monitor their infrastructure from afar.

  • Capacity: From the dashboard you can easily monitor all aspects, such as power, available space, network connectivity and cooling.
  • Power: Take advantage of complete power monitoring to find stranded capacity and reduce downtime.
  • Visualise: Benefit from 3 dimensional views – from the data centre infrastructure to a birds-eye view.
  • Secure as necessary: Carry out surveillance, secure cabinets as required, carry out audits and change permissions as needed.
  • Make changes: Validate, manage and create reports as necessary.
  • Connectivity: Every aspect of connectivity can be managed, including power, port connectivity, cable measurements and visual trace routes.
  • Monitor energy usage: Boost efficiency, drive initiatives and reduce energy costs.
  • Track assets: Maintain a global overview of all your company assets and data centres.
  • BI & analytics: Visual analytics are a powerful tool. The turnkey application requires no configuration and is simple to operate.
  • Data centre health: Easily monitor the whole environment thanks to intelligent monitoring systems.

Data centre managers will be the first to see the benefits of this cutting edge solution. They have reported benefits like: 


The relationship between the DCIM software and a micro data centre is pivotal to edge deployment, especially when the infrastructure is in remote or hard to reach areas, or when dealing with a large network. 

Power IQ DCIM software is a  key component of all our Zella DC units, allowing for ease of management as well as simple maintenance. It’s such attention to detail that’s led to the successful deployment of our micro data centres in some of the most remote areas on the planet.

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