Not all Micro Data Centres are created equal - Zella DC lands major global customers with its next-generation modular data centres

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Perth-based Zella DC has recently beat out several global IT heavy-weights to secure a multi-country deal with a leading US pharmaceutical group, proving that even the well-established IT infrastructure market is now ripe for disruption.

Recognising that fixed server room infrastructure is costly, inefficient and difficult to scale, Zella DC founders Angie and Clinton Keeler have been on a 10-year journey to deliver the next generation of micro data centres. This journey is now bearing fruit with Zella DC securing a number of global enterprise accounts that will see Zella DC micro data centres deployed in six continents across a wide range of industries.

The recent win for Zella DC in the US adds to a growing list of global organisations, including BT, Chevron, BHP, and Austal, that see Zella DC data centres as critical to their future data management strategies.

Angie Keeler, Zella DC’s Co-Founder and CEO said: With the increasing popularity of hyper-converged IT infrastructure, the majority of our customers are looking for data centre solutions that are fast, secure, scalable and cost effective, and Zella DC ticks all of those boxes.

Providing massive energy efficiencies and rapid scalability options, the Australian-made Zella DC micro data centres are ideally positioned within the edge computing industry, a global market that is forecast to reach almost US$16B by 2025.

Clinton Keeler, Zella DC’s Co-Founder and CTO said: “The Zella DC modular micro data centres give our customers the flexibility to supplement or completely replace their existing fixed server room infrastructure, and be up and running within days instead of months.”

Angie Keeler said: “The growing adoption of the Zella DC technology, especially by major global players, has really validated that we are moving in the right direction and we fully expect our growth to accelerate as more companies see the benefits of the Zella DC solutions.”

About Zella DC:

Zella DC delivers next-generation micro data centre solutions that are aligned with the way that modern customers do business. This focus and technological ambition has recently seen Zella DC recognised as a 2020 finalist in the Edge Startup of the Year Awards by Edge Computing World.

For all media enquiries contact:

Lorenza Minghetti
Communications Manager
Zella DC


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