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CIO and IT managers are often asked to do more while cutting back on costs. Normally ‘doing more’ means increasing productivity and security, and normally these things have a price attached. 

If this sounds unreasonable to you, you’re not aloneBut maybe there’s one area of your infrastructure thats so inefficient and inflexible that you can drastically cut back while doing more. 

Yes, it’s your server rooms. For the majority of organisations, this infrastructure amounts to a relic from the past, keeping you in a twentieth century holding pattern. The fact of the matter is, the vast majority of organisations simply can’t process and store data the way they used to.  

And this isn’t surprising.  

We now live in a world driven by data processing. The volume of data accessed in the cloud increases daily, makes it slow and vulnerable. Many companies are searching for ways to store their data closer to their end users, and you should be too. This is why we are introducing the Zella Pro range of micro data centres. 


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The next generation: portable server rooms  

A decade in the making, a Zella Pro is fully contained and integrated. Ten years of development brings refined, sophisticated Edge technology and modern, eco-friendly data management.  

Zella DC is on a mission to make data management easier and more secure than it ever has been. At last, a low-cost alternative to physical server rooms.  

Whether you are working from a secret island, a crowded skyscraper or in the middle of a desert, the Zella Pro can be safely and easily implemented. Completely contained and sealed, dust and contaminants present no threat to this unit. Whether your organisation is small or large, the Zella Pro is customised to your needs. Have one or have many units combined – you have complete control.  

With the world’s smallest data centre in your arsenal, you can bring your IT services to where they are needed the most. Zella DC solutions are already implemented globally and has a growing user base that are willing to attest to the fact that its solutions meet and exceed expectations.  


Zella DC | Micro Data Center | Server Rooms | Traditional Server Rooms | Next Generation Server Rooms

Escape the server room 

Now, here is the interesting part.  

The Zella Pro doesn’t even need a server room. It is its own portable server room. Store it anywhere. Keep your overheads low. Be ready to roll at any time. 

Compare this with implementing a traditional server room into your workspace. Hours of detailed planning, budget approvals and numerous project risks will consume every waking hour for your whole team. The finished result will then have a fixed location, either off-site or on-premises, which will make relocating or expanding your business in the future a double-edged sword. These sorts of disincentives to growth are every CEOs nightmare.  

Instead, design for growth from the outset. Zella DC lets you expand and move your data centre painlessly. Our micro data centres move with you  (they are literally on wheels)  and grow with you  (they easily join together).  

The Zella Pros are; 

  • Compact enough to fit through any standard doorway or hallway and take up minimal space. 
  • Operable on standard power, so can be plugged in anywhere. 
  • Able to be placed next to one another in a modular fashion or stored in different locations. 
  • Complete with wheels so you can easily move them around. 
  • Fully insulated keeping so quiet that you can put them anywhere.  

Are you ready to go to the next generation? 

Start your journey with Zella DC and gain total control over your server room solution. Let's chat!


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