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Zella DC Co-founder and CTO, Clinton Keeler chats with Anthony Spiteri, founder and host of Great Things with Great Tech to talk about the resiliency, security and mobility of Zella DC micro data centres.

Zella DC was founded in Perth Western Australia, where the mining industry is very big, this created a big opportunity for us. This formed the idea of Zella DC creating a micro data centre that was able to overcome the challenges that come with rough environments, whether that be like dust and heat.

The Zella Pros are completely sealed which is vital for a micro data centre out on a mining site to stop dust from getting into critical IT infrastructure. The Zella Pro is also designed to reduce the noise level so it can be placed literally anywhere, whether that be a little office, reception, board room, meeting room, etc.  All our micro data centres are completely modular, compact and portable, and can be placed anywhere, thus eliminating the need to build a traditional on-premise server room, a very impractical solution for a mining site.

It is also well known that traditional server rooms are not energy efficient, with most producing a PUE of around 2.5, whereas the Zella Pro’s PUE is around 1.2 which is an 83% of energy efficiency. This as a result saves energy and costs

Zella DC also offers outdoor options including the Zella Hut, Zella Fort and Zella Max. These are designed to be placed outdoors and are able to withhold extreme weather conditions such as rain, storms, wind, etc. The Zella Fort is a unit that can be deployed to any location via helicopter or truck, such as a military base or a really remote location.

The Zella DC also has a smart shutdown system, so in the case of a power outage your Zella DC can be program to shut down the non-critical IT infrastructure to save power and battery life. If there is a backup generator on-site, you can automate the backup generator via the Zella Pro with rules, events, and vibration sensors tracked through the monitoring platform. 

Security is another feature that the Zella DC offers, where you can monitor who opened the door, how long the door was open and any changes inside the Zella DC via the Power IQ and PDU software. The Power IQ and PDU can also give real time monitoring of what is happening inside the Zella DC and receive reports.

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