Making Edge Easy - Micro Data Centres for Government

How micro data centres are giving government the edge

IoT gateways for Government

The powerful combination of Micro Data Centres (MDCs) and Edge Computing is set to impact every level of society – including that of local, national and global government. The reason for this boils down to one important fact: data collection.

The IoT (Internet of Things) is already generating huge amounts of data. This information is hugely valuable and pretty much every government department can benefit from this. From our reliance on smart devices through to infrastructure elements, the ability to collate, analyse and act upon such information in real-time is already a reality in many sectors.


IoT, edge computing and micro data centres

Local and federal government will see the benefits of IoT and edge computing in many different areas like security & surveillance, traffic management, contingency management, connections within smart cities, border control, etc.

All these applications generate a lot of data that needs to be processed instantly, as well as stored and shared safely.

How Government will benefit from IoT gateways, edge computing and micro data centres

The potential of having multiple IoT gateways on the edge is tremendous. While there’s a great deal of complexity to be navigated, various government departments around the world have already begun investing in Edge infrastructures.

True Edge computing brings about many possibilities, with some examples including:


Traffic Management

Real-time data generated about traffic flow can be used to moderate congestion measures like phasing traffic lights, opening lanes on smart motorways, closing areas in response to accidents, etc.

Contingency Management

In case of disasters, edge computing will allow for instant response and action. For example, following a natural disaster it will be possible to automate instant gas supplies, shut down elevators, etc.

Smart City

Possible automations in smart cities looks like: automatic heating control on government-run buildings, increased data availability for users during peak times, self-driving taxis, etc.
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Micro data centres are edging security & surveillance to another level

The next generation of security devices will benefit from the ongoing evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), edge computing and micro data centres.

Is it time for Government to live life on the edge?

Edge computing and micro data centres are already used by most industries. Governments are coming to realise they can also benefit from this technology.

Zella DC vs server room

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