Boundaryless Edge Deployment

Making Edge Easy

 If you need local data storage and processing we can save you money, space and time.

Our micro data centres offer a complete solution to your edge data processing needs. Whether you're working from a mine site, a farm, a modern office environment or a telecom tower, we've got the right solution for you. 

Edge Considerations_location

Is there a constraint for deployment location?

Zella DC can go anywhere, in both indoor and outdoor locations and in almost any environment.
Edge Considerations_space

How much space do you have allocated?

Zella DC micro data centres are very space efficient and only take up a small footprint.
Edge Considerations_installation & support

Is there a requirement for specialist installers?

All you need is an electrician and an air conditioning technician to install a Zella DC.
Edge Considerations_rack mounted equipment

What IT equipment do you plan to deploy?

Zella DC’s are versatile and can accommodate any rack mounted equipment.
Edge Considerations_redundancy

Do you need redundancy in the unlikely event of DC equipment failure?

Redundant cooling and power options are available for all Zella DC models.
Edge Considerations_cyber security

Is cyber security a consideration?

All Zella DC micro data centres come standard with military grade cyber security features.
Edge Considerations_physical security

Is physical security important?

Zella DC provides enhanced security through a range of basic and sophisticated physical access controls, which can be activated remotely.
Edge Considerations_management & automation

How will you manage your infrastructure?

Easy to manage and monitor all your MDCs no matter how many you have and no matter where they are located in they world from one single location.
Edge Considerations_fire protection

Will you need fire protection?

The Zella DC rack mounted fire protection system is human friendly, equipment friendly and environmentally friendly.
Edge Considerations_scaling

Will you need more capacity in the future?

Three different size MDCs. We even have the ability to scale in our containerised solutions.
Edge Considerations_maintenance

What maintenance is required?

Easy to maintain no matter where located. The Zella DC MDC is virtually maintenance free. Vendor agnostic.
Edge Considerations_relocation

At some point in the future will you need to move your MDC?

Quick and easy to move. The Zella DC is designed specifically to allow you to move and any model from one location to another quickly and easily.
Edge Considerations_environmental

Is carbon footprint a big consideration for your organisation?

Our MDC is highly efficient on power consumption and typically 50% less than a standard server room environment therefore reducing your carbon emissions.
Edge Considerations_cost

Is reducing costs a priority?

Our MDC is highly efficient on power consumption and typically 50% less than a standard server room environment therefore reducing your power bills.
Edge Considerations_edge

Do you need to set up edge data storage and processing? 

Download our Considerations for Edge pdf by filling in the form below or book a free consultation to find out how we can solve your edge challenges.  

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Find out how we can help you deploy your edge.

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