The Edge

The future has arrived - and it's on the Edge.

Edge Computing

With the rise in Edge computing needs, businesses need to evolve their data storage to address the specific requirements demanded by the technology.

Edge computing and micro data centres are different sides of the same coin. Edge computing can be thought of as the ‘what’, while MDCs are an element of how the technology is implemented.

Micro Data Centres are strategically designed to overcome the data storage and usage challenges the Edge concept brings.

Micro Data Centres and Edge Computing

There are six main reasons why Micro Data Centres are the ideal choice for your Edge computing deployments.

Reduced Latency

Reduced Latency

Edge computing demands instant data analysis and action. In computing terms, a few milliseconds delay equals a dramatic reduction in data quality. MDCs physically bring data storage and analysis capabilities closer to the action, so reducing or even getting rid of even the smallest degree of latency.
Easy Scalability

Easy Scalability

Edge technology must flex according to needs. The versatility of MDC technology means that as data storage needs grow, additional micro data centres can be added. This is virtually infinite and is as flexible as demand requires. In terms of rapid growth, such versatility isn’t just nice to have, it’s a necessity.
Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

Centralised data storage and traditional on-site server rooms are expensive – both in monetary and environmental terms. Cloud computing can be equally costly. Edge ready micro data centres are much more efficient: they are far less costly to run and will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.
Improved Security

Improved Security

As edge deployments often sit in remote and unmanned locations with limited infrastructure, security is an important consideration. Our micro data centres provide the ultimate in both physical and cyber defence – something that’s crucial for all industries to address.
Increased Resilience

Increased Resilience

Modular micro data centres bring unique operational benefits. Should there be a failure in one unit, the rest will continue to operate as normal. Thanks to remote monitoring and management most issues can be prevented or resolved in real time.
Fast Deployment

Fast Deployment

Our micro data centres offer a plug-and-play capability and are shipped ready-assembled and pre-programmed. From order to action, our MDCs will be ready to use in a matter of weeks. This will allow you to quickly populate them to complete your edge deployment.

Integrate, Improve, Upgrade: future-proof technology for today's data-hungry landscape

Examples of successful Edge Computing MDC use.

Smart devices

From simple smart speakers to complex networks that analyse and respond to data for remote mining assets, self-driving vehicles, smart city technology and more. Edge computing improves quality and response times for a seamless on-the-go experience.

Hybrid architecture

Traditional centralised storage as a stand-alone concept is fast-becoming obsolete. However, a hybrid cloud architecture, whereby instant data sorting occurs close to the Edge and necessary information is forwarded to the cloud, is increasingly becoming a viable option.

Content Delivery

In any situation where information, images and video need to be streamed on demand, micro data centres are invaluable to deliver the expected performance. With users expecting high quality streaming at all times, edge computing has become essential.


Micro data centres will play a pivotal role within the infrastructure of the 5G network. The waves used by the cellular technology don’t travel far, more antennas are required. Micro data centres allow operators to process and action the information generated on site.

How our micro data centres enable the Edge

Future-proofing data storage needs will play a crucial role in every company’s technical architecture. Much in the same way that the internet revolutionised the workplace, so Edge computing is set to have a similarly dramatic impact on every element of business. As Edge computing becomes an essential part of every business, we have created a solution that tackles all edge challenges.

Edge Considerations_location

Is there a constraint for deployment location?

Zella DC can go anywhere, both indoors and outdoors in almost any environment.
Edge Considerations_space

How much space do you have allocated?

Our MDCs are very space efficient and only take up a small footprint.
Edge Considerations_installation & support

Is there a requirement for specialist installers?

With Zella DC all you need is an electrician and an air conditioning technician.
Edge Considerations_rack mounted equipment

What IT equipment do you plan to deploy?

Our MDCs are versatile and can accommodate any rack mounted equipment.
Edge Considerations_redundancy

Do you need redundancy?

Redundant cooling and power options are available for all Zella DC models.
Edge Considerations_cyber security

Is cyber security a consideration?

All our micro data centres come with military grade cyber security features.
Edge Considerations_physical security

Is physical security important?

We provide enhanced security through a range of physical access controls.
Edge Considerations_management & automation

How will you manage your infrastructure?

Easy to manage and monitor all your MDCs from one single location.
Edge Considerations_fire protection

Will you need fire protection?

Our fire protection system is human friendly and environmentally friendly.
Edge Considerations_scaling

Will you need more capacity in the future?

Our Zella Pro is scalable and modular - add more storage when you need it.
Edge Considerations_maintenance

What maintenance is required?

Easy to maintain no matter where located. Our Zella Pro is virtually maintenance free.
Edge Considerations_relocation

Will you need to move your MDC?

The Zella Pro is designed to allow you to easily and quickly relocate.
Edge Considerations_environmental

Is carbon footprint a big consideration?

Our products are highly efficient and will allow you to lower your carbon emissions.
Edge Considerations_cost

Is reducing costs a priority?

Our products are highly efficient and will allow you to reduce your power bills.

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