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Zella Hut | Key Features and Benefits

Zella Hut has the same features and benefits as the Zella Pro. However, unlike Zella Pro, the Zella Hut is installed anywhere outdoors thanks to the outer cladding that protects against the elements. Ideal use cases include installations near telco towers, telco huts, and any requirement outside. The Zella Hut allows for options to support both AC and DC infrastructure requirements or a combination of both, all managed and monitored under one secure platform.

  • Reduce maintenance and improve uptime.
  • Additional outer cladding makes it rugged and robust, perfect for any location.
  • Optional solar panel roofing to reduce energy costs

"There were huge savings on power consumption. We conducted an analysis on one of our sites located out at a regional office in Papua New Guinea. The results were amazing and we noticed a huge difference in power consumption from the old infrastructure to the new Zella DC configuration.”

Ferdinand M. Daroya
Chief Information Officer, Kenmore Limited