Making Edge Easy

How micro data centres are giving transport the Edge

Speeding into the future

Transport is evolving. While we’re not quite at the point of some of the futuristic vehicles we see in sci-fi movies, but the transport industry is in the middle of an extraordinary revolution.

Today’s vehicles generate a tremendous amount of information. From speed to brake power, GPS to tyre pressures, lane warning devices, smart braking and self-parking – all of these elements create data.

While much of this helps the individual operating the vehicle, it also provides valuable information for the whole transportation industry. Smart cities are no longer something that only exists in movies – their reality is but a heartbeat away.


Smart Cities

The evolution of smart cities will bring about aspects, such as:

  • Improve ride hailing
  • Dynamic routing via in-car or personal device mapping
  • Routing is determined not only by speed, but also by environmental issues, such as noise or air pollution.
  • Self-driving taxis

This is only scraping the surface of the art of the possibility. But the most important aspect to understand is that all this technology relies on instantaneous data transfer. Self-driving cars, for example, will only become reality when all the sensors that allow this to happen can be guaranteed to work in real time, with no latency (lag) of the information being communicated.

The role and benefit of micro data centres within transportation

Thanks to their ability to be sited anywhere – no matter if the location is remote, hot, cold, manned, unmanned, accessible or not, Micro Data Centres are small and powerful enough to become the ‘spine’ of an enormous multi-network. They can capture the data close to the source, analyse it on the spot and direct it to wherever it needs to go.  Benefits include: 



Edge data centres enable the ultra-low latency and improved stability of connections required to safely operate autonomous vehicles.


Our rugged, outdoor data centres can be placed right at the edge, even in rough environments with limited infrastructure.


All our micro data centres have security features that will keep your data safe from cyber threats and physical attacks.


Our compact solution is easy to deploy and transfer, even to remote and hard to reach locations. Quick to deploy at the edge.


Easy to standardise across the network to enable centralised management and monitoring well as easy maintenance.
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Remote Monitoring

Our micro data centres can be monitored and managed from a single pane of glass with award winning PowerIQ software.
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