Making Edge Easy - Micro Data Centres for Retail

How Micro Data Centres are giving retailers a competitive edge 


Retail evolution


The retail industry is going through massive shift in consumer habits. Gone are the days that the only way to purchase was to physically visit a store. Today we can search, compare and buy virtually anything we please – all with a couple of clicks.

This, in turn, generates huge amounts of data, something that only continues to rise as our reliance on cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) increases.

Traditional ways of storing data are no longer practical as the retail industry is relying more and more on edge computing. 

How technology helps stores

The retail industry generates a lot of data on a daily basis. Businesses need a reliable and fast connection to increase sales and ensure the smooth operation of their stores. Stores and supermarkets rely on data for:

  • Market analysis
  • Tracking Sales
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Online Shopping
  • Supply Chains
  • Customer Promotion

How technology helps customers

Customers have also come to rely more and more on technology when researching and shopping, both online and in store. Gone are the days of simply walking into a store to buy a product. Customers rely on data for:

  • Product Info
  • Navigation
  • Contactless Payment
  • Self-Checkout
  • Appointment Systems
  • Virtual Mirrors
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A Competitive Edge for Retailers

The need for data to be stored safely, along with fast access and a smooth user process, is essential for retailers. As these information requirements increase exponentially, rather than relying on traditional large and expensive data centres or cloud storage options, retailers can now rely on edge computing and micro data centres.




Storing data on site means zero latency and a stable connection. This guarantees instant and smooth access to data.


Keep your data safe from cyber threats and physical attacks by storing it on premise. This will help you minimise your downtime.


Our Zella Pro is highly energy efficient and you will be able to save money by reducing your monthly power bills.

Remote Monitoring

Our micro data centres can be easily monitored on site or remotely so you can keep updated no matter where you are.


For retailers with multiple stores, being able to standardise edge equipment across the board means easy maintenance and monitoring.
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Small Footprint

Our Zella Pro is roughly the size of a fridge and it doesn't need a purpose built room. It has a sleek design, it's quiet and doesn't generate heat.

Indoors our Outdoors

Our Zella Pro if perfect for tight spaces as it has a very small footprint. You can place it in a store room, a changing room, or right by your tills. With its sleek design and very low noise lever it will fit right in. 

If you are really tight for space, our Zella Hut can be placed outdoors as it's water proof, dust proof and UV resistant as well as secure. Put it by your store, in a car park or even on a roof!

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What are outdoor micro data centres?

Outdoor micro data centres like Zella Hut are a game changer for edge computing deployments in remote areas with limited infrastructure.

Can your server room handle a power outage?

A loss of electrical power can last anywhere from a few minutes to days. A simple hiccup in power can cause irreversible damage such as permanent data loss – an IT nightmare!

Why retail needs to buy into the micro data centre revolution

The retail industry has evolved in the past few years, relies more on technology and needs to store vast amounts of data.