Chile, South America

A scalable and portable solution for a fast growing company


The Situation

The Gran Torre in Santiago de Chile is the tallest building in South America and home to Nissan Chile. The office space is very expensive and does not come with an on-premise server room. They have very high office fees and can’t afford to use up expensive real estate for a server room.


The Challenge

The explosive growth of the company meant that Nissan needed to stay flexible and prepare to move as office space became congested. The company needed to allow for as many desks as possible which meant using up all available office space.

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The Outcome

After a very short procurement process, the Zella Pro unit was wheeled in and commissioned with a minimum of fuss. The unit has been working now for several years with 100% uptime. The monitoring of the unit is conducted from Nissan head office in Brazil giving the company total control over a standardised network.


Small Footprint - save space

Monitoring Connection

Automation & Remote Monitoring

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Energy Efficient - Reduce Costs

Truck Moving Fast

Fast and Easy Redeployment

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Q&A with Manuel Pinto, Nissan Chile

How did having a Zella Pro change your operations?
The Zella Pro has allowed us to recreate a server room with all its components but on a very small footprint, allowing us to save valuable space.
The monitoring of both Zella Pro is done remotely from Nissan Brazil so we don’t need specialist personnel on site.

What prompted you to buy the Zella Pro?
Due to the limited space available, we needed a solution that was small but also with a sleek design as it had to be placed in an open area.
We also needed a solution that could be easily redeployed as we are planning to relocate the office in the near future.

How did you justify the purchase?
A server room was not an option for us due to the need to relocate quickly.
The other fundamental issue was the cost of the solution compared to building a new server room as well as the speed of deployment.


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