Peter Baker joins the Zella DC team


That’s right, Peter Baker, formerly of DPSA, Comscentre, The Computer Engineers, ComputerCorp, Sign IQ and Memorex has joined Zella DC to head up Business Development. His eight years specialising in the APC from Schneider Electric Data Centre Business makes him the perfect fit.

His role will be to bring onboard new customers, and managing and nurturing relationships with existing customers.

Peter’s experience owning and operating his own McDonald’s and other franchises will add to Zella DC’s broader management and understanding of customer expectation and relationships. Peter said “Our aim is to exceed our customers' expectations of quality, service, responsiveness and value.”

Most recently, Peter has been operating his own businesses, but we were lucky enough to lure him back into the IT industry, adding over 40 years of experience to our group.

This newly created role will launch Zella DC to the next global penetration level with Zella DC’s industry-proven micro data centres.

About Zella DC:

Zella DC (formerly Zellabox) delivers next-generation micro data centre solutions that are aligned with the way that modern customers do business. This focus and technological ambition has recently seen Zella DC recognised as a 2020 finalist in the Edge Startup of the Year Awards by Edge Computing World.

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