Making Edge Easy - Micro Data Centres for Defence

The rise of micro data centres in the defence industry 

At the heart of the action

While other sectors have a need for instant data transfer, storage and strong security, when it comes to sovereign defence, these requirements are at a whole different level. 

With technology, such as 5G, AI and other advanced resources, playing crucial roles within every government sector, bringing data storage to the heart of the action – including the remotest of locations – isn’t just nice to have, it’s now become essential.

Zella DC | Zella Fort

Benefits of edge computing for military operations

 Implementing the edge offers countless opportunities, with each being bespoke to the mission in hand. Edge data centres like the Zella Fort are ideal for military operations in remote or hard to reach locations.

Fast deployment


Data storage can be deployed wherever it’s needed, ensuring sensitive information can’t be intercepted as it travels to and fro along more traditional data routes.


Edge data centres keep warfighters connected allowing for seamless transfer that can be backed up as the vessel / aircraft / vehicle reconnects with the network.


Local data storage and processing power facilitate the Internet of Things (IoT), to leverage intelligent machines and unmanned autonomous systems.

Key features and benefits of Zella Fort

The Zella Fort is an instant edge computing micro data centre with cooling, security and monitoring - an all-in-one solution perfect for army battle groups that is easily deployed just about anywhere.

  • Rugged enough to be attached to an helicopter and dropped into remote areas.
  • Water and dust resistant.
  • Designed and weighted so that 4 soldiers can carry it as well as their kit.
  • Camouflaged - perfect for army battle groups. 
Zella DC | Zella Fort

Zella DC is trusted by:

Auckland Airport Austal BHP WA Government Bechtel Goldfields Hancock Newmont IIJ Barrick BT Universal orlando CSIRO

What are outdoor micro data centres?

Outdoor micro data centres like Zella Hut are a game changer for edge computing deployments in remote areas with limited infrastructure.

The rise of edge computing and micro data centres use in the Defence industry

One area that’s ripe to take advantage of Edge computing is the defence industry as it's essential to bring technology to the heart of action.

Is your data safe and secure?

There’s no question that Australian businesses are under threat online. According to Accenture, security breaches have increased by 11% since 2018 and 67% since 2014.