Centre for Disease Control Case Study

Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Papa New Guinea

A reliable solution to increase uptime and reduce latency

The CDC in PNG was facing issues with connectivity, security, power outages and data processing on-site. Storing, processing, and analysing local data in a secure environment that could withstand the local power variances was critical. They had to face many challenges, including limited IT staff on site, bandwidth and latency issues, unstable power and harsh conditions. 

Find out how we were able to solve all their challenges and deploy a stable and reliable solution.

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CDC Case Study | Centre for Disease Control | CDC | Zella DC | Micro Data Center

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Don't let your data go up in flames

Fire is a risk that can't be ignored as losing data (or access to it) is a serious issue that will cause downtime and financial losses. 

A DIY micro data centre

COVID-19 has impacted lives and businesses all over the world. We've all had to adjust, pivot, and in some cases re-invent the way we work.

A contact-less process

Here at Zella DC, we take the health and safety of our staff and customers seriously; this is why we've put in place a COVID-19 safety plan to minimise the risk of contamination.