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Micro data centre (MDC) technology has exploded onto the scene in the last couple of years. Many providers have brought the tech to the mainstream during this time, but do they offer the same level of usability and advanced operation as the Zella DC options?

Much as we don’t like to brag, we’re also pretty proud of our premier MDC choices, which include the Zella Pro range, the Zella Hut, Zella Fort and Zella Max. We’ve tried, tested and tweaked our MDCs for well over a decade, trialling and using them in some of the harshest and most remote regions on the planet as well as in small to medium busy office settings. Today, we offer a unique product that isn’t matched by any other MDC currently on the market. The key differentiator is Zella Sense, our Advanced Intelligence and Automation system included in all our products. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what makes us stand out from the crowd and why we offer a unique option that differs dramatically from that of our competitors.

Alarms and automation

Most micro data centres will have some sort of alarm system that will alert you  (by email, text or through the DCIM) if anything goes wrong. For example you may get alerted if there is a power cut or if the temperature rises too much or too fast, or if a door has been opened unexpectedly.

In such instances, you’ll need to take action to rectify the issue. This will likely involve physically visiting the MDC location or through the use of any additional remote safeguards that you might have put in place.

With our smart micro data centres, you also get alarms. But, thanks to our expertise and creative process that’s taken place over more than 10 years of remote operation, we know that the above safeguards simply aren’t adequate. We know alerts are not enough in many situations:

  • when your MDC is in a remote, hard to reach location or in a satellite office
  • if there is no IT personnel on site, or if the site is completely unmanned
  • if the incident happens when IT personnel is away (i.e. holiday, weekend, lockdown, travel restrictions, etc.)

In all of these cases, by the time you get to the location it may be too late and you may end up losing your assets and your data as well as causing prolonged downtime - all of which will result in loss of money.

This is why we set up a series of automated actions in our micro data centres before they leave our warehouse. These automations, that you will be able to further customise to suit your specific needs through Zella Sense, are designed to protect your assets and to give you peace of mind ... in a nutshell, they will make your life easier!

Let's look at these automations in detail. 

Mains failure.

If your Zella Pro loses power, an immediate alert is triggered. If the power is not back within a specific time, the Zella Pro can be programmed to initiate a shut down of non-critical IT equipment. This provides extended UPS runtime to allow seamless operation of the unit/s. If available, the Zella Pro can e programmed to turn on a back-up generator to power the MDC - the generator can be controlled via the included Zella DC backup operation.


Temperature fluctuations.
Should a cooling system go down we offer different options to ensure the unit runs without a break and at the correct temperature. For those in remote locations, the door will remain in the closed position but we’ll commence a controlled shutdown process. Of course, if the location is close by and cool enough, it’s possible to physically open the doors to allow the warm interior air to dissipate (find out more about our precision cooling system).

Physical security breaches.
If the unit senses any vibration that suggests someone is tampering with it, not only will this send an alert, but it also activates the internal camera to capture images (find out more about our security features).

Issues with server reachability.
As the Zella Pro continuously pings the servers, if at any time a reply isn’t received then an automatic programme can be installed that will reboot the server. This will protect your uptime. 

Full fire control.
We’ve automated this vital function to regularly monitor the system, meaning you will receive an instant notification should there be a problem – no need to wait for maintenance to discover an issue (find out more about Pyrorack, our rack mounted fire control system). 

Dual cooling.
All our products (except Zella Pro 12) are available with a dual cooling function. This means if one cooling system fails then the other automatically kicks in. In addition, if the temperature rises, the second unit will jump in to offer increased cooling function. This option is particularly handy if your Zella Pro is situated in a very hot environment.

We add these baseline rules as standard to every unit. However, experience has shown us that no two MDC locations are unique. As mentioned earlier, you will be able to customise and add any necessary automations to perfectly suit your specific location challenges with Zella Sense.

This makes the Zella DC choice not only great for SMEs and organisations in metro locations, but the perfect option for those with a limited infrastructure and/or personnel. Our expert design team chose one of the most hostile locations on earth to hone our MDCs – that of the hot Australian climate in remote mining locations. This creative journey led us to us confronting, understanding and finding solutions for the most challenging problems.

The above reasons – along with our exceptional commitment to customer service – are what make us stand head and shoulders above other MDCs on the market.

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