Towards Sustainable Mining

The mining industry has attracted increasing scrutiny over the last few years as greenhouse gases worsen. For mining CEOs, the pressure to reduce their carbon footprint is growing every day. When CEOs look for ways to reduce their emissions, often times data centres and server rooms are overlooked. 

But did you know server rooms consume massive amounts of energy, with cooling systems being the largest power guzzler? According to studies, around 40% of the total energy data centres consume goes to cooling systems. Traditional server rooms are:

  • Expensive. The more data you produce, the more data storage you need. The more storage you need, the more money you spend. Server rooms require a lot of energy to keep them up and running 24/7, especially in hot environments where temperature control is paramount. 
  • Environmentally unfriendly. The more data you produce, the more carbon you release into the environment. Sustainability nowadays is becoming a core business strategy for companies of all sizes, so keeping your carbon footprint low is a priority.

Mining companies are well aware of the importance of sustainability, recognising that environmental accountability, social responsibility and commercial success are now inseparable concepts. Therefore, looking at ways to reduce the environmental impact of their data management and data storage solutions on mining sites is a priority; it's an issue that if addressed correctly will have a big impact on the overall carbon emissions of the mine.

Server Room in A Box

The Zella Pro is a stand-alone micro data centre that replicates all of the cooling, security, power and monitoring capabilities of a traditional server room on a much smaller scale. It miniaturises the server room into a micro data centre the size of an average refrigerator significantly reducing energy costs by 30-60%. Moreover, each Zella Pro can be programmed to scale down or shut down units during non-productive times like weekends and holidays. Find out how Zella Pro helped solve the problems faced by HiSeis.

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Unlike built-in server rooms, the Zella Pro allows for portability and can be moved and scaled based on your project and business needs. The savings are real with Zella DC: less floor, less cooling, less energy, less downtime. Ditch your server room and take your first step towards a more sustainable enterprise with Zella DC.

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