Making Edge Easy - Micro Data Centres for Mining

Clever micro data centre solutions for the mining industry

Smart mine technology

Smart Mines


The mining industry is relying more and more on technology to operate safe and effective mine sites. Traditional mines are quickly transforming into Smart Mines that use information, autonomy, and technology to enhance safety, reduce operational costs, keep better track of employees and equipment, improve maintenance and boost productivity.

It’s easy to see the benefits of adopting new technologies to run efficient mine sites. However, new technology generates large amounts of data that needs to be stored safely and processed quickly and this is often a challenge in remote and hard to reach mine sites with limited infrastructure and personnel. 

How edge computing and micro data centres enable smart mines

With mining companies being our early adopters, we were able to mould, develop and optimise our micro data centres to the highest standards of health and safety, certifications, reliability and cyber-security. Edge computing and micro data centres allow mining companies to run efficient, productive and safe mining operations. Micro data centres are the perfect solutions for Smart Mines as they solve many Edge computing challenges: 

Edge Network

Large amounts of data

Automation and smart working create more and more data. MDCs bring Edge adaptability and address the need to decentralise data storage.

Remote locations

Our micro data centres are wholly transportable and can be quickly and easily shipped to remote and hard to reach locations - in most contries.

Hostile environment

Our MDCs are IP65-rated - waterproof, dust-proof, and UV resistant. Fully insulated, to protect your IT infrastructure from temperature fluctuations.

Shared environment

No need to share a server room with other operators on a mining site. Ensure data security with a private data centre and individual secure access.

Limited personnel on site

Installation only requires an electrician and A/C technician. IT infrastructure is remotely managed and routine maintenance requires no special skills.


Keep your critical data close to the action. Latency can cause accidents and downtime; processing data on site reduces latency and protects your uptime.

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Towards sustainable mining

The mining industry has attracted increasing scrutiny over the last few years as greenhouse gases worsen.

What are outdoor micro data centres?

Outdoor micro data centres like Zella Hut are a game changer for edge computing deployments in remote areas with limited infrastructure.

Smart mines and micro data centres - the perfect match!

Traditional mines are quickly transforming into Smart Mines that use information, autonomy, and technology to enhance  safety, reduce operational costs, and boost productivity.