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Smart Mines


The mining industry is relying more and more on technology to operate safe and effective mine sites. Traditional mines are quickly transforming into Smart Mines that use information, autonomy, and technology to enhance safety, reduce operational costs, keep better track of employees and equipment, improve maintenance and boost productivity.

It’s easy to see the benefits of adopting new technologies to run efficient mine sites. However, innovation also means new challenges. One of the main challenges is that Smart Mines produce a lot of data 24/7 that needs to be stored and processed locally.

Challenges of the Edge


Edge computing allows for fast and secure processing with no latency - this is a crucial requirement for the smooth running of Smart Mines, particularly for autonomous vehicles, as any delay in data processing will most likely cause accidents.

If you can’t afford to lose even a millisecond, the only solution is on-site data processing.

But traditional on-premise server rooms are time-consuming to plan and build and expensive to run and maintain, especially in remote locations with limited infrastructure and specialised personnel.

Energy Costs | Challenges of the Edge | Zella DC


Server rooms require a lot of energy to keep them up and running 24/7, especially in hot environments where temperature control is paramount.
Environment | Sustainability | Zella DC


Sustainability nowadays is becoming a core business strategy for companies of all sizes and in all sectors, so keeping your carbon footprint low is a priority.

Smart Mines need a data solution that is good both for the bottom line and for the environment


With mining companies being our early adopters, we were able to mould, develop and optimise our micro data centres to the highest standards of health and safety, certifications, reliability and cyber-security.

The result? A uniquely innovative micro data centre that will:

Cost Savings | Zella DC | Smart Mines

Reduce your energy bills, increase your uptime and save money.
Less Energy | Zella DC | Smart Mines

Reduce your carbon footprint and help you meet your sustainability targets.


Micro data centres

The Zella Pro is a next generation server room in a box. Highly efficient and with a small footprint.

Zella Max-rooftop-carpark

Containerised data centre

Half the price, double the benefits. Find out why Zella Max is disrupting the containerised data centre market. 

Zella Hut in the Snow (blue sky)

Outdoor data centres

Don't have room indoors? Have a look at Zella Hut, our outdoor micro data centre - water proof and UV resistant.

Download our smart mining brochure to find out how we can help you: 

  • Save money
  • Increase your uptime
  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Keep your data safe and secure

Towards Sustainable Mining

The mining industry has attracted increasing scrutiny over the last few years as greenhouse gases worsen.

Smart Mines and Micro Data Centres - the perfect match!

Traditional mines are quickly transforming into Smart Mines that use information, autonomy, and technology to enhance  safety, reduce operational costs, and boost productivity. 

Easy Edge solution for challenging locations

Managing an IT infrastructure in a city or well-connected location is relatively simple. But what about places that fall outside of this remit?