Zella DC releases Direct Current powered Micro Data Centre

Clean Energy | Carbon Footprint | DC Power | Zella DC | Zella Pro | Micro Data Center | Renewable EnergyThis new version of our traditional Zella Pro is energy-efficient with reduced energy consumption and compatibility with renewable energy sources.

Perth, 25th August 2021. Zella DC is excited to launch a fully DC powered version of the Zella Pro micro data centre. 

The main benefit of a DC powered micro data centre is efficiency:

  • DC power is significantly more efficient than AC power
  • No energy lost converting AC to DC power (this is usually a necessary step as electronic equipment runs on DC power)

Energy efficiency results in reduced carbon footprint, as well as reduced power bills. Moreover, DC powered micro data centres are compatible with renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, second-generation clean biomass, etc. (read more about the benefits of a DC powered micro data centre).

Angie Keeler, Zella DC Co-founder and CEO, explains: "Companies are increasingly under pressure to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. A DC powered micro data centre is an ideal choice as it plays a principal role in lowering overall carbon emissions."

DC powered micro data centres are a viable and appealing solution for many industries like telecommunications, mining, farming, defence, and broadcasting. Zella Hut and Zella Max, our outdoor solutions, are particularly suited to environments like smart mines, smart farms and 5G tower sites.

Clinton Keeler, Zella DC Co-founder and CTO, adds: "A DC powered micro data centre will mostly (but not exclusively) benefit telecom operators in the deployment of 5G infrastructure (predominantly DC powered). Many small 5G towers are needed to ensure full coverage of a given area. Micro data centres are instrumental in building the underlying infrastructure that enables end-to-end 5G connectivity."

About Zella DC

Founded in Perth, Western Australia, Zella DC is a global leading micro data centre provider, with an emphasis on providing cost-effective, reliable and highly energy efficient solutions for edge computing, suitable for multiple industries and any environment.

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