Is your data safe on the cloud?

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Cloud computing has dramatically transformed the way organisations process, store, and share data. But new technology often creates new challenges, in particular when it comes to cyber security. With so much data going into the cloud — both from the public and private sectors — it's easy to see how online storage can become an attractive target.

Cloud storage concerns

Data is a company's most valuable asset. Lost data, or data shared with the wrong audience, will impact a company's reputation as well as their uptime. And of course, it will also result in financial losses. So let's look at the many reasons why many companies are looking for alternatives to the cloud. 

Data Breaches

Data breaches can cause great reputational and financial damage. They could potentially result in loss of intellectual property (IP) and significant legal liabilities.

Data Privacy

It's easy to decide who accesses your data when you store data on-site, but what about in the cloud? Because your data is stored elsewhere, it might be impossible to know just how closed off it is. 

Lack of Control

When you rely on a third-party to store data for you, it means that somebody else is in charge of security. If something affects your storage provider, like outages or malware infections, that will directly impact access to your data. You’ll have to rely on the provider to fix the issues. 

Shared Servers

Saying you store your data 'on the cloud' compared to 'on a server' is misleading. Cloud-based storage systems still use servers to hold data, but users don’t physically access them. Cloud storage providers don’t build specific servers for each user; the server space is shared between different customers as needed. You may be putting your data at risk if others using your servers upload potentially anomalous or hazardous information.

Data Leakage

Data leakage can cause serious problems since it could expose business-critical or private data to external sources. Even if you take steps to prevent anyone in your enterprise from leaking data, your storage provider might accidentally expose your data to the wrong person.

Safe and reliable data storage

The best way to keep your sensitive data safe is to keep it on-premise. Server rooms have traditionally been the default choice for storing data on site but this is not the case anymore. Server rooms pose many issues and threats to your data as monitoring access is not a straightforward process. Plus server rooms are hard to deploy and run in remote areas with limited infrastructure.

Micro data centres are fast becoming the default choice for edge computing, as an alternative to the cloud, as they limit or eliminate many of the risks associated with the cloud. Micro data centres can also be used in conjunction with the cloud, to create a hybrid solution where only the most sensitive data is stored on site. 


Our range of indoor and outdoor micro data centres is a safe and reliable alternative to the cloud. Our micro data centres are secure from unwanted entry in the physical and cyber dimension.

Physical protection

  • Keypad/card and PDView access control (standard)
  • Vandal proof and waterproof
  • IP based biometric access with proximity card (fingerprint/card)
  • Ethernet interface for TCP/IP communication
  • Mag locks front and rear door

Cyber protection

  • Encryptions. We only enable secure encrypted communication by default (HTTPS and SSH). We use the strongest encryption in the industry. 
  • Password policies. Password expiration ensures passwords getting refreshed periodically, preventing hackers from accessing the Zella DC from any known security breaches.
  • Firewalls. IP-Based Access control Lists (IP ACL) and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Defences in Depth. Blocking access after repeated failed login, timing out inactive sessions, limiting use of same login, restricted service agreement warnings. 
  • Certificates. CA Certificates and Self-Signed Certificates. 

Get in touch if you want to find out more about how we can keep your data safe and secure. 

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