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If you’re in data management, the odds are your life has just got a whole lot harder.  

The Internet of Things (IoT) has created high latency problems when processing and storing data - not so great! So, it now takes longer for a packet of data to travel through an increasingly clogged up internet.  

And latency is only going to get worse as the IoT multiplies exponentially. 

So, what can be done? 

It's time to rethink the traditional server room. Vast, complex server rooms are not exactly known for being user -friendly. The good news is there is now an easy-to-use alternative to the noisy rooms of equipment that we all know and don’t love 

Zella DC manufactures the next generation of micro data centres that reduces the cost and complexity of on-site data management. As networks become increasingly decentralised, many processes will now take place on a smaller scale and via distributed on-site data centres. In this article we are going to look at traditional vs next-generation server rooms.

The executive summary 

Downsizing to the Zella DC micro data centre solution provides total cost of ownership savings of approximately 30%. 

Deployed and scaled rapidly, this is modern, secure data management.  

Zella DC embraces Edge computing to bring you faster, smarter, safer and more sustainable data management.  
This means improved latency and customer experiences while saving on the business costs associated with: 

  • Program governance overheads 
  • Project teams 
  • Total cost of ownership 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Technical SME’s

From enterprise level organisations with offices in five continents, to research teams spread across the globe, there is a need to standardise the management of data. Zella DC micro data centres bring computing closer to the end user, but they also bring the users closer together as a team.  

Zella Pro micro data centres also help you reclaim floor space. Take off the earmuffs and park your desk right next to one of these units and you will still enjoy noise-free productivity (it’s a gentle hum rather than a giant roar) 

Now that data centres can be found inside offices, they need to look the part. Instead of tired megaliths, spilling entrails of cabling in every direction, Zella DC micro data centres are neat and self-contained, fitting in with every décor.  


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The traditional server room as we know it 

CIOs, IT managers and the CFOs who fund server rooms are historically a hardy breed. For decades they’ve withstood the hellscape of installing and maintaining these ancient beasts. Unfortunately, more than a few CIOs have fallen on their swords in the process. Over this time, traditional server rooms have shown us that: 

  • Once they’re in, they’re in. If you want to adjust or relocate them, be ready for a nightmare. 
  • Even if you aren’t using the whole space you have dedicated, you still have to pay for it because the noise of the fans makes the space uninhabitable. Add costs of cooling the entire space to your list of expenses, and it’s enough to make the toughest CFO cry.
  • They don’t like dust, water, hot days, earthquakes, high altitudes and many other things (that our unit has an in-built defence against). 

They’ve served us well over many years, but now the traditional server room has reached its time of reckoning. Let’s address this once and for all. It’s time to transition to a totally scalable micro data centre. 


Zella DC micro data centres – fully integrated solutions 

Meet the world’s smallest data centreAfter 10 years of testing and proving, it is now a genuine on-site processing alternative to traditional server rooms with:  

  • Hardware that is merged with cutting-edge DCIM infrastructure management software to provide an easily accessible user experience.
  • Powerful environmental protection enables data management in even the harshest of conditions, minimising downtime.
  • Highly encrypted software integrated for improved cyber security.
  • Design and manufacturing in Australia, to stringent global standards ensuring the reliability of the data management solution.
  • A carbon emission saving attached to it which will help de-risk our collective future

The unit’s compact design lets you place a Zella DC micro data centre anywhere there is a power source. They fit easily through standard doorways and hallways, leaving you free to wheel data around at your whim, before they are locked in place. Locate them in an office, hallway or any other room rather than building a dedicated room. 


Our products are designed to improve: 







As Edge computing advances, Zella DC micro data centres will only grow in sophistication and demand. Now is the time to transition into the next generation of on-site processing. Start your company’s digital transformation with Zella DC and secure your data processing for a sustainable future today. Find out how we helped the Kenmore Group save up to 70% energy per site!

Get in touch to find out more. 

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