Overlook MDC Cable Management at your Peril


Cable management … Does the mere mention of it make you want to scroll on to something more interesting? Let’s face it – it’s not the most riveting of subjects. 

But just before you - you know - pass on by, we’ve got a quick read explaining the 4 most pressing reasons why dedicating a small amount of time to getting your cables in order can be one of the most important things you’ll ever do.

1. Reduce system downtime: Disorganised cable arrangements can cause a multitude of system problems. System downtime is probably the most destructive. Chaotic cabling causes many issues, including:

  • Poor airflow, leading to a higher risk of overheating
  • Increased risk of cable breakage
  • Wholly destructive safety issues should a fire break out

In addition, should a problem occur, carrying out repairs to a disorganised cable setup is more time-consuming and costly than seeking out an issue in a well-ordered cable geometry.

2. Spend less on running costs: Organised cables are easier to keep cool and this efficiency corresponds to less power use. While it’s well known that MDCs have a much lower carbon footprint than traditional on-site server rooms, in our climate-crisis world it’s an obligation for companies to do everything they can to reduce their impact.

3. Ease maintenance and upgrade tasks: Strategic cable management makes upgrades far easier to implement. While Zella MDCs are renowned for their low maintenance modelling, if the time comes when any work needs to be carried out then good cabling leads to a safer, more efficient workload. It’s also easier to increase scale if the cabling is well managed - again, meaning less downtime – something of vital importance within every industry.

4. Adhering to compliance: All commercial computer cabling – including that of MDCs – is subject to a level of compliance. However, this shouldn’t be taken as the gold standard, such legislation is the MINIMUM level. Best practice is a whole different level entirely and something that every organisation should be striving for.



While this is aimed at micro data centre cable management, the same basics apply to server racks in more traditional, larger on-site data storage rooms.

Check out our before and after pics of good cable management vs bad. An image, as they say, speaks a thousand words, and these are certainly no exception.

Micro data centres are playing a huge role in the evolution of data analysis and storage. Find out more about how these server-rooms-in-a-box are playing their part in the next stage of smart society and discover how easy it is to future-proof your business today.

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