How do you relocate a server room?


Moving house is not fun, but relocating a whole office is certainly a lot more difficult; the main reason behind this is that IT equipment is hard to move. Relocating a server room is a complex and costly process, as you can't simply unplug servers, throw them in the moving truck and plug them in a new location. To relocate your server room, you will need to hire specialists which are experienced with moving such sensitive and complex equipment.

Relocating a server room requires planning well in advance, to ensure you:

  • build a dedicated space in the new office
  • minimise downtime
  • implement proper cooling environment
  • ensure you have the correct power management in place
  • back up your data
  • organise transport
  • factor in IT staff overtime

The proposed new server room needs to have all equipment and installation completed prior to relocating your server room to the new location. Network and cabling must be installed to ensure server can be relocated with minimal downtime. The installation of phone lines, power equipment, air conditioning, physical security equipment and fire protection must have been installed before the servers can be moved to the location.

Costs of relocating can depend on the size and scale of your business, including server needs and the current office infrastructure. Moving the servers will cost you thousands of dollars depending on the size and scale of your business. Server room relocation is complex involving hours of detailed planning, budget approvals and numerous project risks which will take months and will cost your business thousands.

Moving made simple

With our range of portable micro data centres, relocating your server room can be as easy as unplug - transport - plug back in. The decommissioning and re-installing of your Zella Pro only takes a couple of hours saving you time and money. Your trusted electrician will be able to connect your Zella Pro to mains power and any qualified air conditioning technician will be able to commission the cooling system. 

The Zella Pros are:

  • Compact enough to fit through any standard doorway or hallway and take up minimal space. 
  • Operable on standard power, so can be plugged in anywhere. 
  • Able to be placed next to one another in a modular fashion or stored in different locations. 
  • Complete with wheels so you can easily move them around. 
  • Fully insulated, with a very low noise level so you can put them anywhere.  

For more information on relocating our micro data centres watch this video or get in touch


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