Fortifying the edge: advanced edge security

Fortifying the edge: advanced edge security

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, there's no denying that edge computing is on the rise. With the explosive growth of mobile and IoT applications, there is an increasing need for low-latency, secure, and easily scalable platforms capable of processing vast amounts of data locally. However, one crucial aspect that often takes a back seat in this race for edge deployment is security.

Maintaining uptime at the edge also means addressing security concerns head-on. Organisations must incorporate the right strategies and tools to anticipate, prevent, and overcome common edge computing security risks. It's important to recognise that security encompasses both physical and cyber aspects, and neglecting one can compromise the integrity of the other.

At Zella DC, we understand the challenges posed by the edge environments. That's why our micro data centres offer a comprehensive range of security measures that go beyond physical attributes. We combine physical security, cyber protocols, and advanced monitoring and automation to ensure that your edge infrastructure is protected.

Secure Access

Underpinning the foundation of our advanced edge security offerings is a comprehensive suite of measures designed to safeguard access points and ensure accountability, flexibility, and control in an increasingly dynamic edge computing landscape.

  • Individual PINs: We prioritise accountability by providing the capability to assign individual PINs for access. This eliminates the need for shared credentials and ensures that every access event can be traced back to a specific user.
  • Temporary or Scheduled PINs: Our system allows you to create temporary or scheduled PINs, making them perfect for accommodating contractors or visitors while maintaining control over access.
  • Swipe Card Access: Swipe cards provide a convenient and secure means of access and prevent sharing of PIN numbers.
  • Remote PIN Management and Access Control: Our remote management capabilities are ideal for unstaffed or remote locations. You can easily control access permissions and monitor access events from anywhere.
  • Individual User Profiles: We provide the flexibility of individual user profiles, allowing you to tailor operations and configuration permissions to specific roles or individuals within your organisation.

Network Security

Our micro data centres offer a range of network security features to reduce the risk of unauthorised access, including:

  • IP Access Control Rules (Inbound and Outbound, IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Role-Based Access Control Rules (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • TLS Certificates (Up to 3072 Bits)
  • Multiple Authentication Types (Local, LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS+)
  • User Blocking on Login Failure
  • Timed Login Timeout
  • Complex Password Policies
  • PCI Compliant Operating System

Sensors and Automations

Our micro data centres are equipped with sensors and automation capabilities that enhance security and efficiency. Some examples include:

  • Vandalism and Tampering Detection: In the event of vibration or tampering, our systems can take photos or videos, send alerts, and sound alarms to ensure swift responses.
  • Snapshot and Video Capture: We can automatically capture and send snapshots and videos when doors open unexpectedly or when equipment is powered down, sending them to your chosen mailbox for immediate review and action.

Empowered by Zella SenseAdvanced edge security

At Zella DC, we've specifically designed our micro data centres with the remoteness and isolation of the edge in mind to safeguard your data, assets, and uptime. These advanced security measures are an integral part of what we call Zella Sense - Advanced Intelligence and Automation.

Thanks to our time-proven automation, our micro data centres are always ready to respond to your uptime and efficiency challenges, making the housing of your edge infrastructure easy and worry-free. Zella Sense is not just a feature; it's a key part of our DNA and is seamlessly integrated into all our micro data centres, ensuring that your edge environment remains secure and efficient.



Disclaimer. Specifications and features are subject to change without notice and may require additional services to function. Please consult with your Zella DC representative to see how your needs can be accommodated.


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