Advanced intelligence and automations at the edge

Advanced intelligence and automations at the edge

In the intricate realm of IT, particularly in remote or challenging edge deployments, a common challenge persists. Despite having data and control at our fingertips, the crucial act of reacting to events often relies on operator intervention—identifying significant occurrences and deciding on the subsequent course of action. This is where automation steps in as the vital link between data and control, seamlessly delivering actions that safeguard equipment and uphold operational continuity.

Unveiling the power of automation

Automation, in the context of proactively managing IT, spans a spectrum of functionalities. From responding to internal and external events to managing and controlling devices, its applications are diverse and impactful. Beyond the immediate advantages, automation can play a pivotal role in environmental responsibility by optimising power usage and reducing carbon footprints. Timed operations add another layer of efficiency, enabling seamless processes without the constant need for manual intervention.

At the heart of our commitment to advanced intelligence and automation is Zella Sense, an integral component woven into the DNA of our micro data centres. With Zella Sense, organisations can craft automations tailored to enhance efficiency, fortify cyber and physical security, and safeguard operational uptime, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

Zella Sense in action

In the realm of temperature management, Zella DC micro data centres equipped with Zella Sense as standard can execute sophisticated automations. For instance:

  • Secondary Cooling Unit: Activating secondary cooling units during elevated temperatures and returning them to standby mode when conditions normalise.
  • Power Management: Configuring power-down sequences for nominated or non-essential equipment during high-temperature events, ensuring a safe operating environment.
  • Emergency Cooling: Automatic opening of front and rear doors upon reaching critical temperatures to facilitate external airflow.

Addressing scenarios of extended power outages, Zella Sense brings intelligent automation to power management:

  • Generator Integration: Monitoring and controlling the transition between UPS and generator power, enhancing reliability during power fluctuations.
  • Vibration Sensors: Detecting generator activation through vibration changes, triggering alerts and non-essential equipment shutdown in case of failure.

In the domain of security, Zella DC micro data centres enhance protection through the use of sensors and advanced automations, such as:

  • Tampering Events: Responding to vibrations or movement/proximity events with actions like taking photos, sounding alarms, and sending alerts to security personnel.
  • Invalid PIN Entries: Capturing photos and videos upon unauthorised access attempts and promptly notifying security and support staff.
  • Unauthorised Access: Documenting door openings outside designated time frames, bolstering security with visual evidence sent to relevant personnel.

Maintaining uptime at the edge also means addressing security concerns head-on. Find out more about security at the edge.

Empowered by Zella Sense_Zella Sense Experience Insight InnovationSafeguarding uptime and data integrity

Zella DC micro data centres are at the forefront of equipment management at the edge, thanks to the innovative Zella Sense Advanced Intelligence and Automation.

Zella Sense goes beyond security, offering a host of automations to protect uptime, data, and overall IT infrastructure. From proactive measures during high temperatures to intelligent power management and robust security responses, Zella DC micro data centres redefine the landscape of equipment management at the edge.

These cutting-edge features empower organisations to streamline operations, save valuable time and resources, and enhance control over their edge equipment. With Zella Sense, the future of IT edge deployments is not just efficient—it's intelligently automated.


Disclaimer. Specifications and features are subject to change without notice and may require additional services to function. Please consult with your Zella DC representative to see how your needs can be accommodated.


Advanced Intelligence and Automation.

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