Protecting your IT investment with sensors and automation

Protecting your IT investment with sensors and automation

Imagine driving a car with no windows — how would you know what's happening around you and be able to respond to events? When it comes to your IT equipment, monitoring and measuring the environment around it is the key to staying ahead of potential issues and proactively managing uptime. At Zella DC, we understand the critical importance of maintaining smooth operations and protecting your uptime. Any hiccups or downtime mean losing money and potentially harming your business's reputation. That's why all our products come equipped with Zella Sense, an advanced intelligence and automation system that provides comprehensive measurement and tracking capabilities through a range of standard and optional sensors.

Zella Sense: your proactive guardian

Zella Sense is designed to provide you with a proactive and intelligent approach to safeguarding your IT infrastructure. With a range of sensors, it allows you to monitor both the internal and external environment of your micro data centre. But what sets Zella Sense apart is its ability not only to react to changes but also to predict and prevent potential issues. Let's delve into some practical use cases and examples to understand how Zella Sense can work for you.

Temperature and humidity sensors

Temperature control is crucial for your IT equipment's health. Zella Sense's temperature and humidity sensors keep a vigilant eye on both internal and external temperatures. If the temperature rises to a warning threshold, Zella Sense can automatically take action - it can send an alert, open the door to promote airflow, activate a secondary cooling system, and, if it continues to rise to unsafe levels, it can even initiate a controlled shutdown of non-essential equipment. This proactive approach ensures that your data centre remains within optimal operating conditions.

Proximity and motion sensors

Security is paramount, and Zella Sense understands that. Proximity and motion sensors record physical presence near your micro data centre. If an unauthorised presence is detected, Zella Sense can respond immediately. It can sound an alarm, activate warning lights, or send an alert to a designated user, ensuring that you are promptly informed of any potential security breaches.

Vibration sensors

Vandalism or tampering can pose significant threats to your IT infrastructure. Zella Sense's vibration sensors are your silent sentinels. They detect any unusual vibrations or movements and can be set to respond accordingly. If tampering is detected, an alarm can sound, warning lights can flash, or alerts can be sent to designated personnel. Additionally, these sensors can even detect seismic activity and trigger a safe equipment shutdown during earthquakes, preventing damage to your valuable hardware.

Water and leak sensors

Water is the enemy of electronics. Zella Sense's water and leak sensors are designed to detect water both inside and outside your micro data centre. The moment water is detected, an alert is sent out, allowing you to take immediate action to prevent damage and data loss.

Other sensors

Beyond these core sensors, Zella Sense can be customised with a variety of other sensors to automate desired events. These sensors include:

  • Air Flow Sensor: Monitor airflow and ensure optimal ventilation.
  • Air Pressure Sensor: Keep an eye on air pressure changes for environmental control.
  • Dust and Particle Sensor: Detect the presence of particles that could harm sensitive equipment.
  • Contact Closure Sensor: Monitor the status of doors, cabinets, or access points.
  • Dry Contact Sensor: Detect changes in electrical circuits.
  • Powered Dry Contact Sensors: Control external devices to further enhance automations.

Cameras: a perfect companion

To complement the sensors and automation, cameras play a vital role in providing visual verification and documentation. Zella Sense's camera integration allows you to:

  • Take and send snapshots and videos when doors are opened, providing visual records of access.
  • Capture images and videos when equipment is powered down, aiding in troubleshooting.
  • Record videos when motion sensors are triggered, with externally mounted cameras capturing evidence of any suspicious activity.

Zella SenseProactive monitoring and automation

Zella Sense offers a comprehensive solution to monitor, safeguard, and optimise your micro data centre. With the power of proactive monitoring, predictive capabilities, and intelligent automation, you can ensure the smooth operation of your IT equipment while minimising downtime and potential risks.

Zella Sense is included in all of Zella DC's products as standard, completely integrated with the many design innovations that make up a Zella DC micro data centre. 

Don't let your IT investments be left in the dark — embrace Zella Sense and stay in control.


Disclaimer. Specifications and features are subject to change without notice and may require additional services to function. Please consult with your Zella DC representative to see how your needs can be accommodated.


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