'Edge-Proof' your business with a Micro Data Centre

Edge Computing

The need for fast, dependable and extensive data storage is increasing on a daily basis. As our reliance on smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) deepens, so does the requirement for a storage option other than the cloud or traditional server rooms.

The reasons for this are many, including:

  • Lower latency
  • Increased reliability
  • Enhanced security
  • More control over how and where data is stored

While a business’ reliance on cloud storage will continue, the lure of the traditional on-site data room is, while not quite obsolete, becoming a poor relation to the advanced alternative – the micro data centre (MDC).

Before we discuss the merits of the MDC, let’s first look at why companies might be reticent to invest in a traditional on-site data centre. By far the biggest reason is that of cost. Putting aside large swathes of expensive real estate to house banks of servers, let alone the running costs, is fast becoming prohibitive to all but the largest operations. SMEs, in particular, don’t have the room or resources to spend a year or more building such a data storage option that can’t be easily relocated when the time comes to move to larger premises.

Even companies that already have on-site data storage are likely to be hesitant to upgrade or extend the facility for the very same reasons.

The MDC offers a truly viable alternative – and one that’s perfectly placed to complement the brave new world on ‘the edge’.

What is a Micro Data Centre?

An MDC is a stand-alone data storage option that can be located virtually anywhere you choose. It’s modular, meaning that when data storage requirements increase, it’s easy to add more.

MDCs are also ideal for smaller businesses; a single unit is typically the size of a small fridge and is whisper-quiet. This allows it to be stored anywhere – even beneath a desk or in a reception area. Other advantages include:

  • Plug n play technology: all you have to do is connect the unit to a power source and commission the cooling system, then you’re ready to add your IT equipment
  • Place it anywhere: In the office, outside in a shipping container, on the roof, at a remote mining site … our MDCs are ideal for most environments and can also run on either AC or DC power, meaning they are the perfect solution for locations with limited infrastructure
  • Portable: Easy to transport and to relocate
  • Scalable: Simply add more storage when needed
  • Links with existing IT: Complements any cloud and/or traditional storage already in place
  • Fast deployment: Can be shipped to your desired location in a matter of weeks and installed in a matter of hours.
  • Fully secure: Self-contained and advanced technology make for rock-solid physical and cyber-security
  • Cost-effective: Far cheaper to operate compared to a traditional on-premise server room or to expensive cloud storage
  • Environmentally sound: Represents a far lower carbon footprint than other data storage options

In addition, MDCs can be located as close as needed to where data is generated. This ‘edge’ capability is essential as we move closer and closer to a fully-smart society.

Industries Ripe for MDC Technology

There’s barely an industry out there that won’t benefit from the MDC revolution. Examples of those that are already taking advantage include those in hostile environments (oil & gas, mining etc), defence, transportation and communication.

MDCs bring a game-changing opportunity that companies of all sizes can embrace. From the start-up working from the spare room through to the largest global operations, having data close at hand, fully controlled and with latency-free operation to fully support IoT devices truly allows companies to future-proof.

A snapshot of how MDC technology is advancing various sectors includes:

  • Manufacturing: Factories utilising smart devices during production benefit from edge technology for robotic devices and pattern recognition software.
  • Communications: The rollout of 5G is just one example of where edge capability is essential.
  • Healthcare: Diagnostic equipment, in-dwelling medical devices, remote surgery…
  • National security: Sensitive data is far better stored in-house, so reducing potential breaches.
  • Scientific research: Simulation and modelling data in a wide variety of fields.
  • Farming: Edge capability for advanced farming procedures, including weather conditions, soil management, crop rotation etc.
  • Disaster management: NGA, first responders and emergency services all benefit from instant data in emergency zones

Micro Data Centres offer wholly proven and readily-implemented solutions to a world where the need for instant data transfer is essential to take full advantage of the latest technology. Affordable, reliable and available to companies of every size, those who don’t move towards the tech sooner rather than later risk being overtaken by competitors who do.

It's not a case of ‘if’ a business considers implementing MDC technology into their model – it’s more a case of ‘when’. Those that are ahead of the curve are already doing so. Is yours one of them? If not, then now is the time to consider it…

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