Easy Edge solution for challenging locations


Managing an IT infrastructure in a city or well-connected location is relatively simple. But what about places that fall outside of this remit?

Challenging locations, (sometimes referred to as "The Edge"), such as those in remote or inhospitable environments, create issues for companies in many sectors. Data storage, and the seamless sharing of it between sites, is one particular headache that requires complex and costly workarounds. From power supply difficulties and slow internet and/or lack of bandwidth, appropriating an effective IT architecture is particularly challenging.

The IT Infrastructure Wish List

No matter the size of an organisation, there are multiple requirements for efficient technological operation. These can be defined as:

  • Central management
  • Consistent configuration
  • Robust physical and cybersecurity
  • Power-efficient operation
  • Fast, reliable data transfer
  • Simple maintenance and management

Additionally, ease of running within harsh climates is imperative. This includes the need to withstand heat, moisture and dust – something that requires the construction of expensive server rooms on-site or to solely rely on cloud computing. However, most companies are keen to keep data within their own premises for security purposes, making complete reliance on the cloud an unviable option. Unstable internet connections (especially when latency is an issue) also drive companies to store and manage data on-site.

Finally, when it comes to challenging off-grid locations, the requirement to be able to run on DC power, as opposed to AC, has historically been a problem.

Thankfully, there is now a solution that addresses all of these challenges.

A complete solution

Our micro data centres have been a decade in the making. During these 10 years the system has been honed for using within some of the most inhospitable regions in Australia. As the name suggests, the micro centre is a data storage solution that is far smaller than traditional servers. The size of a fridge, the unit is scalable to add as many as necessary to grow with a company’s needs.

Our micro data centres tackle all the issues created by challenging locations:

  • Robust and compact: Can be placed anywhere
  • On site data processing: Reduced latency without the need for a large, expensive dedicated server room
  • Self-contained: Dust free, waterproof, cooling system, rack-mounted UPSs and complete with software
  • IP65 certification: Resistant to both water and dust, and other contaminants
  • Easily transported: Simple to transport to hard-to-reach locations or to move if necessary
  • Simple deployment: No need for specialist IT personnel - all you need is an electrician and a/c technician
  • Easy maintenance: Doesn’t require a specialist – can be maintained by anybody
  • Super secure: Secure against both physical and cyber threats
  • Reliable: Proven to work in the hottest and harshest of conditions, eliminating unnecessary downtime
  • Scalable: Grows with the business needs
  • Seamless integration: Integrates with all types of business software
  • Cost reduction: The elimination of costly server rooms, associated cooling, maintenance and the physical use of space can lead to a dramatic reduction in energy and servicing costs
  • Environmentally responsible: Greatly reduced carbon footprint
  • AC or DC powered: Can be powered in either manner (or a mix of both)

The next generation of data storage is set to revolutionise how companies deal with their IT infrastructure, both in challenging and more traditional locations. At last, organisations have a simple to deploy and cost-effective solution to address most of the historical issues that make taking full advantage of technology so complex in regions outside of city or westernised parameters.

From reduced costs to increase security and reliability, get in touch to find out more or learn how we solve the problems of edge computing on mining sites, some of the most challenging locations in the world.

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