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Managing IT infrastructure in a well-connected location, like a city or an industrial area, is relatively easy, but what about remote and hard to reach locations with limited infrastructure, no specialist personnel, and unstable connectivity? Remote and inhospitable edge locations create multiple challenges due to factors such as slow network, unstable power supply, or even extreme weather conditions; this is why the requirements for edge deployments are more complex. 

Edge deployments in challenging locations

Edge deployments in challenging locations pose unique difficulties that can impact the efficiency and effectiveness of these deployments. Organisations must take into account several key considerations to ensure their edge deployments are successful.

One of the primary requirements for efficient edge deployments is the ability to monitor and manage the infrastructure remotely in real time, especially for highly distributed setups. This requires centralised remote monitoring and management that allows organisations to respond quickly to issues and ensure high availability of their edge systems.

Consistent configuration across multiple sites is also critical for efficient edge deployments. A standard solution allows for complete and accurate visibility from a single pane of glass, which makes it easier to manage the infrastructure and identify potential issues.

Robust physical security and advanced cyber security are also important for protecting data and assets, particularly in unstaffed or unsafe sites. Organisations need to ensure that they have adequate security measures in place to safeguard against physical and cyber threats.

In addition, edge deployments in remote locations with limited specialist personnel require simple maintenance. Sending specialists to remote sites can be expensive, so minimal and easy maintenance is essential for these locations.

The environment in which edge systems are deployed also poses unique challenges. Extreme temperatures, high humidity, or a lot of dust can all impact the performance and longevity of edge infrastructure. To protect assets in these environments, organisations need to select rugged solutions that can withstand the conditions.

Finally, ensuring a stable and efficient power supply is crucial in areas with unstable power supply. Backup power options are essential, ideally with an automated set up, to ensure uninterrupted operations. DC power is also a must for off-grid locations connected to renewable sources of energy.

Successful edge deployments in challenging locations require a combination of remote monitoring and management, consistent configuration, robust security, simple maintenance, rugged solutions, and stable and efficient power supply. Organisations must carefully consider these factors to ensure that their edge deployments are successful in these challenging environments.

A complete solution

Our micro data centres have been been designed with the edge in mind. For the past 15 years, we've been honing our solution for using within some of the most inhospitable regions in Australia and across the world and we have developed an indoor range, an outdoor range, and a containerised solution.

Our edge ready micro data centres are: 

  • Robust and compact: Can be placed virtually anywhere, indoor or outdoor
  • IP65 rated: Resistant to water, dust, and other contaminants
  • Easily transported: Simple to transport to hard-to-reach locations or to relocate if necessary
  • Simple deployment: No need for specialist IT personnel - all you need is an electrician and a/c technician
  • Easy maintenance: Easy and fast maintenance that can be carried out by non-specialist staff
  • Super secure: Secure against both physical and cyber threats
  • Reliable: Proven to work in the hottest and harshest of conditions, eliminating unnecessary downtime
  • AC or DC powered: Can be powered in either manner (or a mix of both)
  • Edge Data Centres: ideal for a highly distributed set up - place your IT infrastructure right where you need it

The next generation of data storage is set to revolutionise how companies deal with their IT infrastructure, both in challenging and more traditional locations. At last, organisations have a simple to deploy and cost-effective solution to address most of the historical issues that make taking full advantage of technology so complex in regions outside of city or westernised parameters.

From reduced costs to increase security and reliability, get in touch to find out more or learn how our products address multiple edge deployment challenges

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