Beyond energy efficiency: power resilience at the edge


In an era where energy conservation is a critical concern, the drive to save power has become a paramount objective; reducing energy consumption is a way to save money as well as a way to lower carbon emissions. Zella DC micro data centres have emerged as pioneers in this domain, boasting an exceptionally low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating while accommodating robust IT infrastructure. Our success in energy efficiency is no mere coincidence; it's the result of years of engineering expertise and a dedication to innovative mechanical, thermal, and electronic design. However, while conserving energy is crucial, it's equally imperative to address the challenges posed by unreliable or poor-quality power sources, especially for edge computing deployments in developing regions or remote locations with limited infrastructure.

Our micro data centres have earned their reputation by expertly balancing the need for energy conservation with the demands of modern IT equipment. These data centres are engineered to maintain optimal operating temperatures, ensuring the safety and security of the equipment while minimising energy consumption. The meticulous design and implementation of thermal management systems allow Zella DC to strike a harmonious equilibrium between performance and energy savings.

Beyond energy efficiency

However, the story doesn't end with energy efficiency. In contexts where power sources are inconsistent or unstable, a new set of challenges emerges. Unreliable power quality can lead to downtime and equipment damage, jeopardising the seamless operation of critical IT services.

This is particularly true at the edge, where data centres often operate in remote locations or regions with infrastructure limitations and with limited specialist IT personnel. Focusing exclusively on energy efficiency ignores the other significant costs associated with power-related issues, underscoring the need for a holistic approach to power management.

Power resilience

Enter the Zella Pro, a testament to Zella DC's commitment to holistic power management. These micro data centres are equipped with Zella Sense Advanced Intelligence and Automation system that continuously tracks power fluctuations. Alerts are promptly generated when power levels breach predefined upper or lower thresholds, giving personnel the opportunity to intervene before equipment outages or damage occurs.

A defining feature of the Zella Pro, is its capability to enact automated rules in response to power irregularities. This proactive approach, for example, could be to shut down non-essential equipment to safeguard critical infrastructure and extend the life of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Our MDCs can also be supplied to utilise a secondary alternative power source, like a generator or a solar micro-grid, to keep your infrastructure and operations working without a hitch. 

By dynamically monitoring and managing power, Zella DC demonstrates that energy efficiency is not only about conserving power but also about safeguarding operational integrity in the face of power-related challenges. In the end, the lesson is clear: it's not just about using power wisely, but also about using power safely to empower uninterrupted, reliable IT operations.

Zella Sense is a key feature of our range of products so you can benefit from the same power savings and efficiencies whether you choose one of our indoor, outdoor, or containerised solutions. 


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