Zella DC deploys its first micro data centre in Japan

Zella DC deploys its first micro data centre in Japan as part of an edge computing solution for telecom operators

The Zella Hut outdoor micro data centre has been chosen by Internet Initiative Japan Inc. as part of a new edge computing platform for their telecom / 5G customers.

Zella Hut | Japan | Zella DC | Internet Initiative Japan | Micro Data CenterPerth, Western Australia, 12 October 2021. Zella DC, a global leading micro data centre provider, today announced the successful deployment of its first micro data centre in Japan. The Zella Hut (the outdoor version of the Zella Pro) will be part of an edge computing solution developed by Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ).

IIJ is one of Japan's leading internet-access and comprehensive network solutions provider. They are developing a MEC (multi-access edge computing) solution that will complement the 5G roll-out. 5G and MEC technologies are ideal for applications that require low latency processing, efficient and reliable communication as well as security: smart factories, telemedicine, autonomous driving, smart farms, etc.

Zella Hut, the outdoor version of the Zella Pro, is perfect for this project as it's a complete data storage solution that can be placed anywhere. It's water proof and dust proof and it includes: cooling, a UPS (uninterruptible power supply), environmental sensors, security cameras and various physical security features. The Zella Hut is also highly automated.

"We are excited about this partnership with IIJ and to deploy our first Zella Hut in Japan. Edge Computing and 5G Connectivity are at the core of our business. It's great to be part of this trial and to work with IIJ to develop this innovative solution", says Angie Keeler, Zella DC CEO and Co-founder.

Zella Hut | Japan | Zella DC | Internet Initiative Japan Inc | Micro Data Center"Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) is the first commercial internet service provider in Japan. We are progressing our service capability of IT and digital infrastructure, including the data center. We've been planning to add the micro data center to our data center product line-up. Zella DC is the micro data center we are looking for because it will be one of our edge computing solution enablers.I'm confident that the partnership with Zella DC and IIJ leads our cutting-edge technology and provides more value to our customers," says Yoshikazu Yamai, Managing Executive Officer, DX Edge project team.

About Zella DC

Founded in Perth, Western Australia, Zella DC is a global leading micro data centre provider, with an emphasis on cost-effective, reliable and highly energy-efficient solutions for edge computing suitable for most industries and environments.

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