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More and more companies are opting to store their IT, data, and compute equipment on-premise, and there are numerous factors driving this decision. From concerns about cloud security to the need for reduced latency and the flexibility of private or hybrid cloud setups, many businesses are now faced with the challenges and complexities of storing their data on-premise.

Historically, companies would need to build server rooms or dedicated environments to house their data and IT equipment on-premise. This approach was driven by a host of factors including:

  • the need for secure access
  • the need to keep the equipment at a low and stable temperature
  • the need for reliable fire protection that wouldn't damage the equipment 
  • managing the heat and noise generated by the equipment 

The reality is, nobody wants to work next to noisy and heat emitting equipment. Being constantly exposed to noise is annoying, it impacts work performance, and is also a safety hazard, potentially leading to hearing damage over time.

However, when space is at a premium, finding room for IT equipment can be a daunting task, especially in small offices or buildings. Moreover, planning and building a server room is a lengthy and complex process involving many meetings, contractors, and stakeholders. 

A faster, better, and more efficient alternative is the Zella Pro micro data centre. The Zella Pro offers all the advantages of a server room but in a compact form: 

  • Secure Access - Just like traditional server rooms, the Zella Pro ensures secure access to your data and IT infrastructure, safeguarding sensitive information.
  • Sealed Design - The sealed design of the Zella Pro prevents the expulsion of hot air into the environment, enhancing efficiency and maintaining a comfortable workspace. It also reduces the emission of noise.
  • Precision Cooling - The built-in cooling system effectively manages heat generated by the equipment, eliminating the need for complex external cooling solutions.
  • Fire Protection - With in-built fire protection mechanisms, businesses can rest assured that their data and equipment are safeguarded against potential fire hazards.
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Whisper-Quiet Operation

One of the most impressive aspects of the Zella Pro is its remarkably quiet operation: Zella pro emits only a faint hum, ensuring a peaceful working environment.

The system is so quiet that it can be placed in close proximity to workspaces, reception areas, or even meeting rooms without disrupting the workflow or causing discomfort to those around it.

The Zella Pro noise level when the doors are closed is around a comfortable 50dB (comparable to a quiet office). For comparison, when the door is open and the equipment is not enclosed in the sealed environment the noise level is around 70dB (comparable to a bustling restaurant or a vacuum cleaner).1 This reduction of 20dB is equivalent to around 1/100th less noise.2

For businesses grappling with spatial limitations and the logistical challenges of setting up traditional server rooms, the Zella Pro Micro Data Centre emerges as an ideal solution. It eliminates the need for a dedicated environment, providing a secure, compact, and quiet means of storing data and housing IT equipment.


1. To capture the wide range of sounds that people can hear, the decibel scale is logarithmic. On such a scale, values that represent a measurement or quantity aren’t evenly spaced. Instead, they increase by multiples of 10. For example, a 20 dB sound is 10 times louder than a 10 dB sound. The level of noise in a quiet bedroom, 30 dB, is 100 times louder than 10 dB. 

2. Please note that sound levels are a factor of the equipment housed in the micro data centre.

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