The physical security features of Zella DC micro data centres


A standalone micro data centre (MDC) that you can house anywhere in your business location is all well and good, but how physically secure is it? This is a commonly asked question by many when exploring the many advantages the technology brings.

Whether you house an MDC in plain sight within an office or business premises, on the roof in a Zella Hut or a remote environment, such as a mining or farming location, security from physical threats is going to be one of your greatest concerns. At Zella DC, it is for us as well, which is why this has been at the forefront of our world-leading MDC technology right from the design stage.

Rest assured that the cyber security element is also of the highest standard. But for now, we’re concentrating on the physical security attributes of the Zella Pro – the curated MDC technology that lies at the core of all the Zella DC products.

Protection from physical threats and protecting server uptime

The physical attributes of the Zella Pro are equally dedicated to two crucial elements: preventing unwanted access ensuring the reassurance of constant uptime.

  • Robust steel exterior: Made from strong, 2mm, powder-coated mild steel
  • Choice of glass-windowed or solid doors: If choosing the former, the glass element is formed from laminated glass. Or choose to have solid doors for extra security.
  • Centralised door operation: Remote door opening provides total control over who has access to the MDC.
  • Keypad and card access: As a standard feature
  • IP65 rated: All doors are completely sealed and 100% dust and waterproof.
  • Resilient lock system: Both doors have mag locks with a pulling force of 250-500kgs (depending on the model) and the option of installing barrel locks if required.
  • Access plates can be fitted with security screws: If required

Each unit can be programmed with many automated actions that further boost security. For example:

  • Be immediately alerted to any vibration or motion that might suggest unwanted tampering.
  • Automatic image capture from the internal camera can be wholly automated, supplying you with a visual view from any remote location.
Physical Security Zella DC-1

The Zella Pro and all associated Zella DC micro data centre technology have been designed with the utmost security benefits from the outset. As MDCs take on an ever more crucial role, with the increase in smart devices, smart towns and cities, 5G rollout and other remote technology needs, it’s essential that every element of both cyber and physical security has been considered and actioned.

Zella DC has been at the forefront of MDC tech for over a decade and has led the way in the implementation in Australia and across the globe. Discover more about the Zella Pro and get in touch for a demonstration.

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