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The rise of the Micro Data Centre (MDC) continues to grow and evolve. This makes perfect sense, considering the increased need for Edge capability, data storage in remote locations and the surge in SMEs providing essential services in virtually every industry.

While many companies are embracing on-site MDC ownership and maintenance, an alternative way of embracing the technology is starting to prove hugely advantageous: Micro Data Centre as a Service (MDCaaS).

How does it work?

In a nutshell, with MDCaaS a company has sole use of a Micro Data Centre (or multiple units) but the physical hardware is still owned and serviced by Zella DC. It provides customers with a unique lifecycle experience where they enjoy the benefits offered by a micro data centre without the hassle of product ownership.

This removes many of the hurdles that companies might see as a reason not to buy into MDC technology, such as:

  • Upfront ownership costs. Enjoy the benefits of a micro data centre with monthly payments – no need for large capital investment.
  • Installation costs. Installation is included in your monthly payments – you’ll be up and running in no time.
  • Monitoring. No need for specialist IT personnel – we monitor your micro data centre for you and we will provide monthly reports.
  • Maintenance. Our micro data centre require minimal maintenance and we’ll take care of it.
  • Support. Get in touch with our support team for any issues at no extra cost.
  • End-of-life considerations. At the end of your term, if you don’t need the micro data centre anymore, we’ll take it back at no extra cost for you.

In a post-COVID world, many businesses are seeking ways to reduce asset ownership, as they are reluctant to tie crucial capital up in hardware. MDCaaS allows a business to better manage their capital, planning costs on a monthly basis with the ability to upscale or downscale as needed.

MDCaaS still provides users with all the agility the technology offers, including:MDCaaS-final-image-1

  • Virtually any location placement, including remote, unmanned and infrastructure-poor regions
  • Edge computing capability
  • Robust security
  • Reduced latency
  • No unnecessary transference of data
  • Scalability

The concept is still in relative infancy. However, since a handful of providers have brought the MDCaaS to the mainstream, it’s been eagerly embraced by early adopters.

With the increase in remote working and as a hybrid office-home functionality becomes the new norm, companies are having to alter their data storage needs. The benefits of utilising MDCaaS reduces or removes the need for procurement cycles to increase storage capacity. Taking away in-house maintenance and monitoring can be a huge cost-reduction driver, as well as completely eliminating the headache of constant upgrade costs and the eventual decommissioning of obsolete equipment.

While MDCaaS might not be a model that suits every business, such a strategy is proving highly fruitful in many cases.

Micro Data Centres, such as the solutions on offer from Zella DC, are providing one of the biggest revolutionary changes seen in data storage since the concept of wide-scale cloud storage.

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