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5G and Micro Data Centres: an essential co-esistance

The role of micro data centres for telecom

The technology supporting the 5G network needs to be upgraded to truly support and enable widespread connectivity.

Traditional data centre solutions are not able to support the requirements of 5G technology. The millimetre waves and microwaves used by 5G don’t travel very far. Hence traditional, centrally-located data centres are not able to support 5G connectivity.

This is where edge micro data centres come into play. 


Why does 5G need micro data centres

Micro Data Centres are an ideal solution for 5G as they are small, simple and fast to deploy. They operate from either AC or DC power, are portable, can be easily scaled and are a far greener option than traditional storage rooms. They will allow you to have a standardised network of data centres right by your 5G antennas, indoors or outdoors. Advantages of MDCs include:



By placing the micro data centre right by your telecom towers, you will be able to minimise latency, ensure a stable connection and guarantee an efficient flow of data to your users.


As our micro data centres are a compact, all in one solution, they are fast to deploy and easily relocated and transported. This will minimise your downtime and save you money.


Our MDCs are highly energy-efficient thus lowering your overall carbon emissions. The DC powered models are also easily connected to alternative power sources like solar and wind.


Don't have space indoors? Our outdoor micro data centre, the Zella Hut, is rugged, water proof, dust proof, UV resistant and secure. Or you may want to consider Zella Max, our containerised solution.


All our micro data centres have security features that will keep your data safe from cyber threats and physical attacks. You'll be able to monitor any activity remotely 24/7 for peace of mind.


Our MDCs are considerably cheaper to run compared to traditional storage options. You will also save money on maintenance and you won't have to rely on a third party service to look after them.

Our outdoor solution

Available in three sizes, the Zella Hut has all the same benefits as the Zella Pro, with one extra feature: it can be placed outdoors!

It's the perfect solution for telecom operators as it's: 

  • Scalable - easy to add more storage if and when needed
  • Fully featured - all-in-one solution to include cooling, fire suppression, cyber security, physical security, etc. 
  • DC powered - easy to integrate with alternative power sources like solar or wind
  • Secure - keep safe from unwanted entry, both on the physical and cyber space
  • Segregation - keep your equipment separate from other operators
  • Integration - easily integrate into your Network Management System
  • Weatherproof - UV resistant, water proof and dust proof to protect your assets
  • Compact - easy to transport and deploy to remote locations, or environments with limited infrastructure - even on a roof!
Zella Hut in Japan

Our containerised solution

The Zella Max is appropriate for both greenfield and brownfield construction sites. The 20ft containerized solution features single and dual-cooling system perfect for storing your Zella Pro.

This versatile shipping container data centre is extremely modular and can be stacked or added together allowing you to recoup valuable space.

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5G and micro data centres: an essential co-existence

As the IoT continues to expand and we become ever more reliant and comfortable with technology, so our data needs increase. This has led to the birth of a new concept – that of edge computing.

What are outdoor micro data centres?

Outdoor micro data centres like Zella Hut are a game changer for edge computing deployments in remote areas with limited infrastructure.

The evolving role of the data centre in a 5G-enabled world

As 5G reality edges ever-closer, the supporting technology will need to undergo a shift for the underlying infrastructure to enable widespread connectivity. Micro data centres are the perfect solution.