Michael Petrossian

Head of Products


Michael is Zella DC's Head of Products.

With an extensive history in technology, product development, manufacturing and business management, Michael is passionate about technology and how it can, when designed and delivered well, add significant value for organisations. His customer-centric approach ensures that solutions are value-driven, simple to use, but most importantly deliver great outcomes for customers.

Michael has a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) degree and an MBA (Marketing Major).

Advanced intelligence and automations at the edge

Zella DC micro data centres are at the forefront of equipment management at the edge, thanks to the innovative Zella Sense Advanced Intelligence and Automation.

Taking control at the edge: managing equipment remotely

Zella Sense helps companies remotely manage and control equipment at the edge in distant locations.

Data monitoring redefined: the future of intelligent insights

Monitoring and tracking can produce an overwhelming amount of data. Zella Sense helps you filter information and automate events according to relevance.