Michael Petrossian

Head of Products


Michael is Zella DC's Head of Products.

With an extensive history in technology, product development, manufacturing and business management, Michael is passionate about technology and how it can, when designed and delivered well, add significant value for organisations. His customer-centric approach ensures that solutions are value-driven, simple to use, but most importantly deliver great outcomes for customers.

Michael has a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) degree and an MBA (Marketing Major).

Fortifying the edge: advanced edge security

Maintaining uptime at the edge also means addressing security concerns head-on. Zella Sense Advanced Intelligence is designed to protect your uptime at the edge.

Whisper-quiet IT equipment storage for any environment

One of the most impressive aspects of the Zella Pro is its remarkably quiet operation: Zella pro emits only a faint hum, ensuring a peaceful working environment.

Beyond energy efficiency: power resilience at the edge

Energy efficiency is not enough. Power resilience is a must when dealing with unreliable power quality as this can lead to downtime and equipment damage, jeopardising the seamless operation of critical IT services.