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Workplace health and safety is a top priority for businesses of all sizes. Beyond its legal mandate, ensuring the well-being of your employees is an integral aspect of being a responsible employer. Prioritising their safety means shielding them from potential harm arising from their duties.

However, the scope of health and safety extends beyond your workforce. It serves as a safeguard for visitors, customers, sub-contractors, and the wider public who might interact with your organisation in various capacities. Protective measures apply to those who collaborate with you, engage in business transactions, or simply come into contact with your establishment.

That's why we've gone the extra mile to design our cutting-edge micro data centres (MDCs) with health and safety as our top priority; let's look in detail at these features. 

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1. Low voltage components

Our commitment to safety begins with the fundamentals. Our MDCs come equipped with a low voltage access control system and components, specifically designed to prevent the risk of electrocution. We understand the potential dangers associated with high voltage environments, and we've taken steps to mitigate this risk, ensuring that your team can access the technology without compromising their safety. Low voltage equipment also means components can be easily replace by local non-skilled staff without any risk of electrocution.

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2. Remote device management

With our remote device management feature, you can effortlessly activate and control devices from a distance. This not only enhances convenience but also minimises physical interaction with the equipment, reducing the chance of accidents or injuries. This is particularly useful for MDCs are located in hazardous or hard to reach locations. 

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3. Advanced fire protection

Fire safety is non-negotiable. Our MDCs are equipped with an advanced fire suppression system that not only safeguards your valuable equipment but also ensures the safety of both humans and the environment. This commitment to eco-friendly solutions reflects our dedication to a sustainable future.

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4. Whisper-quiet operation

Noise pollution is a concern in any workspace. With a remarkable 90% noise reduction, the Zella Pro, our MDCs designed for indoor use, can be safely placed next to workspaces, allowing for seamless coexistence without compromising concentration or well-being.

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5. Remote activity monitoring

Prevention is the best approach to safety. Our MDCs come with remote activity monitoring capabilities that enable you to pre-emptively address any potential accidents. Furthermore, the integrated camera system allows you to monitor suspicious activities, bolstering security across the board.

At Zella DC, innovation isn't solely about technology—it's about creating solutions that enrich lives while safeguarding them. Our micro data centres exemplify this philosophy, embodying convenience, efficiency, and, most importantly, a deep commitment to health and safety.

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