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In today's fast-paced world, data is king. It drives decision-making, enhances efficiency, and empowers us to optimise operations in ways previously unimaginable. However, as the saying goes, "With great data comes great responsibility." Monitoring and measuring this data can be a daunting task, but thanks to Zella Sense, our cutting-edge Advanced Intelligence and Automation system embedded in all our products, you can effortlessly oversee and assess a wide array of critical information.

Data centre excellence

Our micro data centres equipped with Zella Sense technology allow you to monitor an extensive range of environmental parameters. Whether it's temperature, humidity, vibration, water levels, or movement, we've got you covered. As standard practice, we continuously track various parameters, providing you with invaluable data insights into operations and trends.

Navigating the data deluge

Measuring your environment can undoubtedly provide a wealth of information to optimise your operations. However, it can also lead to a deluge of data that can be overwhelming. That's where Zella Sense truly shines. It offers features such as graphing and threshold-based notifications that help you distinguish between 'normal' and situations that require your attention.

Harnessing the power of thresholds

One of the most powerful tools in Zella Sense is the utilisation of thresholds. We offer four distinct thresholds:

  • Lower Critical
  • Lower Warning
  • Upper Warning
  • Upper Critical

These thresholds enable you to receive alerts when readings move outside the operational parameters that you define, either on a global or specific basis. For instance, you can set temperature thresholds to trigger an alert at the upper warning level and automate the shutdown of non-essential equipment when it reaches the upper critical threshold.

Expanding monitoring horizons

Zella Sense doesn't stop at environmental sensors; it extends its monitoring capabilities to various other vital components, including:

  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) - Keep an eye on incoming power status, remaining battery time, and more.
  • Cooling Systems - Monitor temperature set points and fluctuations to ensure optimal conditions.
  • Server Monitoring - Utilise server pinging to maintain a watchful eye on your IT infrastructure.

SNMP integration

Our system seamlessly integrates with other monitoring platforms using SNMP, an industry standard networking protocol widely used for managing and monitoring network-connected devices. This integration allows larger organisations to monitor their key IT devices, ensuring a smooth transition into existing IT management platforms.

Zella SenseIntelligent monitoring

Zella Sense is your ultimate companion for data monitoring and automation. It transforms the overwhelming task of managing vast amounts of data into a seamless, insightful, and efficient process. With our Advanced Intelligence and Automation system, you're not just monitoring data; you're harnessing its full potential to drive your operations forward. Experience the power of Zella Sense and unlock the future of data monitoring today.


Disclaimer. Specifications and features are subject to change without notice and may require additional services to function. Please consult with your Zella DC representative to see how your needs can be accommodated.

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